Monday, December 11

Eternity Ring 101

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Eternity rings have been really popular recently, and it’s not surprising at all. An eternity ring is not like any other ring. It is different because it symbolizes eternity and endless love. Giving someone an eternity ring means that you’ll love the person forever. It shows how much you treasure someone and it is like promising him or her that your feelings will never change.

People believe that each stone stands for something important in a relationship. If you want to be creative, you can come up with your own romantic symbolization for each stone when giving the eternity ring. Some examples could be for the day you met your fated one. Or your first kiss or when you first realized you were falling in love. Or when you finally get married or it could symbolize the anniversary of your marriage. There are endless possibilities you can choose from.

Full rings have a complete circle of gems, while half versions sport stones only on one portion of the band. While half rings may be less expensive, full ones must be individually sized and cannot be resized later (when the finger size changes). In addition, many women prefer the stones to be on the front of the ring so they are visible. However, a full band ensures that stones are always displayed, no matter what position the ring is in.

When it comes to shapes, round, princess and emerald cuts are the most preferred because they require stones to be nestled closely together. As for the design, alternating patterns can be found although in general, rings do not mix shapes or sizes so as to preserve the uniformity of the design.

Eternity rings generally have large stones. But because some consumers also take into account the affordability of the rings, many of them favor smaller stones. Aside from the cost, the number of stones also has a bearing in the weight and comfort of the bands. Considering the number of stones used in eternity bands, the total weight of the band may be greater than that of traditional engagement rings.

Among the stones themselves, diamonds are always the most popular, but not the only option. Other frequent choices are rubies, sapphires, tanzanite and emeralds. These stones can be used throughout the band or paired with diamonds in an alternating or repeating pattern. For other stones, symbolic gems such as birthstones can make the ring more unique and give it a more symbolic meaning.

Giving an eternity ring to your loved one is sure to be a special moment that will be engraved in both of your hearts and memories forever. Investing in eternity rings will be definitely worth your money because it is a symbol of something that’s very precious to you. Your loved one will definitely feel his or her importance in your life, knowing that you’re giving a gift that is so precious and beautiful. 

Immeasurable devotion – that’s what eternity rings entail. Additional support ought to be provided by the ensuing formation of a new family, a further generation.


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