Friday, December 15

The Baby's First Salon Haircut

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My baby had his first salon haircut on the day before he turned one year old.  As a first time mom, that was quite an experience for me also.  Having that kind of experience, I am sharing with you the necessary things to prepare–and do– prior, during, and after your baby’s first salon haircut.

-Let the little one wear a comfy top or shirt. Allow your little one to wear ordinary, or everyday shirt first.  It’s okay to enter the salon not handsomely or beautifully dressed for hair will just ruin your little one’s get-up anyways.  You do not want the pretty dress be full of cut hairs, do you?

-Bring an extra top or shirt, or dress. After the haircut, the dress he was wearing during the session is now full of cut hairs that may annoy him because cut hairs can really be itchy.  It is always wise to bring an extra shirt  or dress instead.  Let him change into a new outfit after the haircut session for a cleaner, fresher feel.

-Come early. The kiddie salon gets unbelievably full in a short period of time specially on weekends. It’s always better to be early.  Or better yet, if your kiddie salon accepts reservations, phone them a day before and make an appointment with their stylist.

-Bring the favorite toy. Though the kiddie salon has tons of toys for the little ones,  it will be best to bring a special toy familiar to him. Shall he cry due to the unusual experience, just let the toy out so to divert his attention away from the sound of the scissors or razor.

-Help the stylist. Shall your kiddo throw tantrums, or gets hyper and excited, or turns a bit uneasy and cranky during the ordeal, be responsible for making him “behaved”. It’s only you, the parent, who can do this and no one else.

-Bring your own shampoo and towel. Part of the pay is the shampoo session. Though they offer a mild-for-kids shampoo, and for sure their towels are often replaced with a new one, it’s still best to bring your own for hygienic reasons.

-Get the discount or membership card. If you believe that your child will be having a regular schedule to this kiddie salon, it’s practical to avail of their membership card that entitles the holder of discounts to his succeeding visits.

-Bring your camera. And please do not forget to charge the batteries, or bring extra batteries if you may. This is your child’s first haircut and you would not want it to end just like that. There has to be a memorabilia of everything that happened, and he has pictures to cherish when he gets old.

-Lasty, but most importantly, bring home his few strands of hair. If you are a mom like me who’s into preserving all sorts of souvenirs of my baby, i bet you are not to miss this one. When my little man grows into someone who’s already responsible to his grooming, when he won’t need my hand anymore to assure him that haircuts are fine, when he’s in the age where he has his own little version to take care of, these strands of hair will always bring back the memories of the young him.


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