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Compare Cell Phone Plans: Your Must-Know Step When Shopping For Cell Phone Plans

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Cell phone plans comes to you as a responsibility with owning a cell phone. However, this does not mean that you have to suffer from the expensive plans offered by most network providers these days. When you shop for a plan for yourself, it is best that you compare cell phone plans closely. This is to ensure that you will get a plan perfect for your needs and budget.

Postpaid and Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

There are two kinds of cell phone plans in the market. The first one is the postpaid while the other is the prepaid plan. When you decide to get a plan, you must know to compare these two kinds of cell phone plans first.

Usually, a postpaid plan comes with a free cell phone. However, the problem with this kind of plan is that you are required to be locked in a two-year contract. With this, you will never be given flexibility in terms of your cell phone plan needs all throughout the course of the contract.

On the other hand, a prepaid plan is something you pay upfront for a specific time, usually one month. Since this is prepaid, there are no contract and you will not be submitted to any kind of credit check and random charges such as activation fees. Plus, it is very easy to control your usage here. As compared to postpaid, there is no fear of exceeding your plan for the given month and end you up paying extra charges to the provider.

Comparing Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

When you compare cell phone plans, the better and more practical choice is usually the prepaid plan. However, take note that there are different prepaid cell phone plans for you to choose from. You can find good deals but there are also a lot of bad deals. Hence, if you are shopping for prepaid plan, consider the options being offered by Just5. The company offers one of the most affordable and convenient plans in the market.

Just5 offers cheap services such as 10 dollars for 100 call minutes and 50 text messages. Plus, they offer the most affordable unlimited call and text plan for only 40 dollars. This is not to mention yet that the call minutes in every plan offered by Just5 are valid for a total of 90 days.

It is always best to compare cell phone plans prior to signing up for one. This is very important to make sure that you get what you need and pay for what is necessary. Take note that there is no point to give your loyalty to a company who can only promise you their name but say yes to a provider that can offer you good services tailored to your needs.


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