Friday, December 15

Tips To Spice Up Your Marriage

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1. Holding hands, Any physical touch wit  your spouse is  a
good thing to do. And holding hands is always the best to start.

2. Make compliments on what your spouse is
making, find something that your spouse do well
and say something nice, we all love to be
appreciated sometimes.

3. Make plans or dream both about your future. Think where
you want to be or where you want to have a vacation and
 achieve together your plans. This will give the purpose of living

4. Comment on how your spouse look. when your wife buys A new
dress or gets a new haircut, notice it and say something nice.  Tell
her Honey, you  look more beautiful. When your husband shaved
 or wearing a new shirt tell him how  handsome he  looks. The reason
 here is to engage both of what has been doing recently.

5. Flirt with your spouse. Sometimes flirting with
each other is   forgotten after a period of time.
Start to flirt again. Leave little love notes or text
your spouse a love notes. Tease each other in
public, put your hand on her knee or on her
shoulder. Caress your spouse.
6. Hire a babysitter. Date nights without the kids
 is important to spice    up your marriage and
make it often. Leave the kids to your sister or
 parents and have a date with your spouse. 
7. Should forgive easily. Holding a grudge is not
 good for yourself and to your marriage. Better
tell to your spouse what makes you upset and
learn to forgive easily.

8. Listen carefully. We need to listen and pay
attention when our spouse is speaking. This is
also a sign of respect to your spouse. When listening
carefully shows you are interested and it matters to you.

9. Never bad mouth your spouse. Even if your spouse is
frustrating you or problems arises in your marriage. Do not
say bad things about your spouse to your neighbors, friends
or relatives. It’s demeaning and no one like that.Talk to your
spouse whatever marital problems and not with others. 

10.Always pray together. God made everything.
Pray together with your spouse with or without problems.


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