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Your Roman Shade Pulls Inward When Raising – Sewing Roman Shades

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Why Your Roman Shade Pulls Inward When Raising It

A common problem… once you’ve made your roman shade and installed it on your window… when you go to raise it for the first time, it all seems to collapse inward and gets all bunched up. This is happens because MOST people avoid putting in the weight rod in the bottom rod pocket of your roman shade.

A weight rod is something that is going to have some weight… something heavier than wood dowel preferably. You can go to any hardware store and pick up a fiberglass rod or steel that you can have cut to a little bit less than the finished width of your roman shade. Get it cut to about 1/2 inches less than the width and slide that into your bottom hem.

That’s going to pull everything nice and taught. And also give your shade that horizontal shaping… because without it… when you go to pull up your shade… there’s nothing there to prevent it from pulling inward. There’s nothing to keep it straight width-wise. It’s just going to pull inward and get all messy. So, be sure that you put a weight rod into your bottom hem.

You also need to make sure that you have enough lift cords going across your roman shade. Sometimes, we only put a couple in and expect everything to raise nice and flat and level. But what really is happening, is that you didn’t put enough lift cords in and the fabric in between the lift cords swags.

Another thing to keep in mind…. based on the type of fabric of your roman shade and if you’ve interlined it… it requires some training. Sometimes when you raise your roman shade… even if it didn’t collapse inward… you may get a little frustrated because the folds aren’t perfect. And that is very normal. Many many times, when you first raise your roman shade, the fabric is going to need some fussing… a little bit of clean up… a little bit of training. Once you’ve trained your roman shade it will not require as much fuss. But it is possible that some fabrics will require a little bit more fuss than others. It’s just the way it goes.

So, keep an open mind… it’s not always going to be as perfect as you’d like it be. Follow these tips of making sure you have a weight rod, the right number of lift cords… and a little bit of patience and training… your roman shade will raise up just fine.


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