Monday, December 18

I am Having a Handmade Christmas This Year

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My best friend and I are fed up with all the commercialism surrounding Christmas and gifts, so we have decided to have a handmade Christmas this year.  This way, no one will be disappointed by what they get or what we didn’t spend on them.

All this started because one of her children and his family refused to come down for Christmas.  We figured it was because they were broke and couldn’t afford to buy anyone anything.  We tried explaining to them that presents are NOT what Christmas is about and that we just wanted to spend the time with them.  They were having none of it and didn’t show or even call on Christmas day.

So we decided that the only thing we are going to buy this year is our supplies to make gifts.  We have plenty of craft items to get us started, so all we need is the time.

I started out by making two lists: one list is all the people I give gifts too, and the other is of all the gifts I can make for those people.

List number two consists of items like aprons, potholders, tablecloths, napkins, place mats, curtains, pajamas, sleep/lounge pants, fleece scarves, fleece blankets, small quilts, beaded ornaments, beaded bookmarks, oven mitts, simple beaded jewelry, gifts-in-a-jar, and canned fruit butters.  I am sure I will come up with more if I take the time to think about what supplies I have on hand.  Maybe even some wreaths for their front doors.  Or bath salts and melt and pour glycerin soaps.

The only thing that I can think that I may need to buy is thread.  I have plenty of thread but will run out of white quilting thread and white multi-purpose thread before it is all said and done.  If I find I need some different fabric, I will swap some with my best friend.

We plan on getting together on weekends to sew together after the tax season is over.  She is working two jobs right now, so her time is extremely limited at the moment.  I am “working” two jobs, too, if you count babysitting my grandson during the day in between school bus routes a job!  I am being paid for it, so I guess technically it is a job and it is very hard to sew with him under foot.  Plus what I have started is a quilt for his bed for Christmas!

Have you ever tried a completely handmade Christmas before?  And if so, how did it go?  Is this something you think would go over well with your family and friends?


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