Wednesday, December 13

Before You Call Tech Support For Your Cell Phone

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When you have a problem with your cell phone, do what you can before you resort to calling technical support. For example, if you have lost your signal, turn the phone off for a few seconds and then turn it back on. When you turn it off, the phone disconnects from the system. When you turn it back on, it automatically searches for the strongest signal. When you move from one tower’s coverage area to another, the handoff is supposed to be seamless. Sometimes the tower you are connected to does not complete the handoff, so you remain connected to the more distant tower. Power-cycling, which is turning the phone off for a brief period and then turning it back on, starts the process at the beginning.

If you have a problem with the phone turning itself off, there are three likely reasons. One is your battery is worn out. They are rechargeable but they usually lose the ability to hold a charge after a couple of years. The indicator on your phone may show a full charge but your battery is capable of holding only a small charge. When battery power drops, the phone shuts itself off. If your battery is new you can call for a replacement under warranty. Otherwise, you will have to buy one. Many common phone batteries can be purchased at stores that handle electronic components, including Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

The second reason why your phone turns itself off is the phone itself is defective. Check the battery before you call for tech support, though. They will not replace your phone (assuming it is under warranty) until the battery has been replaced. The most common reason for a phone turning itself off is a dead battery, and if they replace your phone when the problem is with the battery, you will still have the problem.

There is one more reason that a phone might shut itself off. This is not common, but it does happen on occasion. When the memory is totally full, the phone cannot do some of the things it needs to do and it shuts itself off. Check the phone memory. If it shows less than 10% available, delete some stuff. Delete a lot of stuff. Videos, music, and photos take up a lot of memory. If you have no further use for them, delete them.

If you do have to call tech support, you should have some information handy before you pick up the phone. You will have to verify your account. If you are not the account holder and you are not listed on the account as authorized, the help you will get is limited. The phone company will not give out any account information to just anybody that calls. You should know the make and model of your phone. Troubleshooting for a Motorola Razr is very different from the same process with a Blackberry Storm.


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