Tuesday, December 12

Save on Auto Expenses And Prevent Lockouts

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Your car’s owner’s manual includes a recommended service schedule.  Perhaps the most basic element of car maintenance is getting the oil changed regularly.  Between scheduled oil changes, make it a practice to check the oil level.  The potential damage that lack of oil causes is at best very costly. Have all the fluid levels and belts checked routinely.  Wiper blades need to be replaced every six months to a year or when smearing starts to occur.  Following the maintenance tips will help prevent danger on the roadways and any serious damage to your cargo easy on your engine, and that will save you money on fuel and the need for repairs.  Another way to take care of your vehicle is to give it a rest once in a while.  Join a car pool and thereby save some wear and tear on your car.  You’ll also save on the cost of gas, tolls, and parking. Preventative maintenance can’t eliminate the inevitable need for some automobile repairs.   When that time comes, one option is to do simple repairs yourself.  If you don’t know anything about engines, sign up for a beginner mechanic’s course. If you can’t avoid going to a mechanic, contact Alliance Towing.  Should you decide to replace your vehicle, Alliance Towing will give you cash for cars, Oklahoma City.                                                          It’s not uncommon to do something a bit careless that costs a lot in time and expense, such as locking yourself out of your vehicle.  If it happens to you, call Alliance Towing.  We are equipped to provide damage-free assistance for lockouts, Midwest City.  To spare the expense of hiring a locksmith, be ready in advance for a lockout. The easy solution to lockouts is to have an accessible spare key.  If you don’t have a spare key to your vehicle, get a key made as soon as you can.  Now, where do you keep the spare? The most convenient solution to locking your keys in your car is to make it a habit always to have your spare key on your person.  You could keep it in your wallet or purse and just be sure you always keep the wallet or purse with you.  One option is to place a key in a magnetic key case that you place under your car, but it’s not recommended.  Magnetic cases have been known to fall off when road conditions get rough.  Besides that, car thieves know all the places to look for a hidden key.  Using a key case could make stealing your vehicle too easy. You could also give your spare key to a friend or family member who could deliver it to you in case of emergency.  If you have need of any type of emergency roadside assistance, contact Alliance Towing.  They also provide private property impounds, Midwest City. 


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