Sunday, December 17

Really World, Really?! Part 2: Video Games

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Video games are not supposed to be tough in any way. They should just be things where you can just simply forget that you have a mind and indulge in a world of mindlessness. It is quite unfortunate that I am wrong, though. It turns out that video games actually require for you to use your noggin. You can imagine how incredibly mad I was at everybody on earth when I found out this fact. What led me to believe this is that I tried to play through the campaign mode of call of duty 3, and there was one level that no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get through this one part. I have tried various times on various days to get past this part, but nothing worked.

I was about to lose it when I found out that I couldn’t get past the level just by randomly  shooting people and running like there was no tomorrow. It turns out that video games require…. WORK! Who would have ever known that video games aren’t fun anymore? Not me, that is, until I played call of duty 3 on hard. I used to love playing video games and I loved spending hours upon hours playing them hoping that something incredible would happen in the game (Which I have realized that now, no matter how much I play video games, nothing of value will result of doing it). Maybe they should make a video game where you can just go around and shoot people and nothing much will happen to you. Oh wait, Grand Theft Auto. Too bad I can’t afford that game….

Not being able to beat video games also comes with another annoyance. It makes me feel terrible about myself because video games should be the easiest thing ever. Even my mom asks me why I don’t beat video games. Usually I just shrug but sometimes I yell, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! YOU NEVER EVER WILL!” But seriously, not being able to beat cod 3 on just hard campaign mode…. man I really have some work to do on my gaming skills…..

So yeah. Another reason why I hate the world is because video games created on this world are too hard for my semi sophisticated brain. What else can I do in my free time? Watch TV? Like that’s going to be any easier than video games…. 


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