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Chinese Horoscope 2011 For Sheep Zodiac Sign

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Your Chinese Horoscope for 2011 if you were born in the years: 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943, 1931

Family relationships are emphasized quite strongly during the year of the Rabbit. The Rabbit is a gentle and kind sign and this will have a good influence over your life over the months ahead. It might seem, at first, as if a contentious matter won’t ever be resolved but you could be surprised. Once you start looking at it from another person’s perspective you might see a way of reaching a compromise.

There’s a chance other people are finding it hard to talk about their feelings. How can you find a solution to your problems when they are holding so much back? Their defensive behaviour could be due to fear of the future or fear of other people’s reactions should they say what’s on their mind. Encourage everyone to be honest and this will lead to an incredibly difference in your family life.

If you are married or you are in a relationship, you may have been feeling a little worried about your joint future. During the year of the Rabbit, life will become more harmonious and relationships will improve. As long as you both want to stay together, you will work together to make this happen.

During September you may be more involved in the life of a neighbour or older relative who, due to illness or circumstances, may struggle to manage on their own. You will help them out as much as you can and this may mean they are able to remain in their own home and keep their independence while relying on the support of friends and loved ones, rather than having to move out.

So, during the year of the Rabbit, stay positive and hopeful even if there are problems to overcome. It is possible these will be related to matters of the past that haven’t been tied-up properly. You might feel, at times, that you only have yourself to blame and therefore you will intend to sort some issues out once and for all.

With the right attitude you will enjoy the year of the Rabbit. It will be a busy year but there will be rewards for your hard work. You could meet with new business opportunities through your friendships.

It is a good year to cultivate relationships in your life, both loving ones and professional. Mix with people because through your social life you will receive the best opportunities. Don’t be reluctant to holiday with friends: it could be great fun. Enjoy social outings and get involved in groups where you can mix with like-minded people.

With regard to your health you should avoid being careless or this could lead to accidents. When you are flustered, pause, take a deep breath and return to what you are doing in a more calm frame of mind. Take your time!

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