Monday, December 11

Chinese Horoscope 2011 For Snake Zodiac Sign

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Your Chinese Horoscope for 2011 if you were born in the years: 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917

Providing you are prepared to work hard, you should see some progress in the year of the Rabbit. This will be a quite happy year for you. It will be what you make of it. Be careful with your money, for instance. Because if you spend without thinking while you’ve got it, it might be hard to come up with the cash to pay your bills once they come rolling in.

Be ready to act when opportunities do come your way because they won’t stay there forever and a laid-back approach could mean you watch some good chances pass you by.

What you need, is to spend time doing things you like and not feeling as if your life is so full of responsibility that you don’t have a moment to call your own. Plan regular breaks for relaxation and find hobbies which help you express your creativity.

Within the home there is a lot going on and the atmosphere will be a happy one. This is a great year for home improvement projects. You might enjoy entertaining in your home and your social life is likely to continue to be active. You have made many new friends during the previous year and you can look forward to building on these relationships.

There is however something you may have to do alone during the middle of the year. It may be you are trying to prove something to yourself. For instance you could be tackling a task others are very capable of but this is something you have always struggled with. Help will be there if you need it but the most satisfaction will come through your having been able to pull this off without any assistance at all.

Keep on top of financial accounts, insurance and tax matters. You might even make a definite effort to clear your debts. It will have been important to you to have tried to clear all small amounts owing before the start of the Chinese New Year. Starting with a clean slate has always been important for you. However, some invoices of a more substantial nature may have remained unpaid. Over the months ahead your intention will be to clear these. One of your main aims now is to get your financial house in order.

With regard to your health, you should be aware of the need to balance work with rest and to eat healthily.

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