Wednesday, December 13

Chinese Horoscope For Dragon Zodiac Sign 2011

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Your Chinese Horoscope for 2011 if you were born in the years: 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928, 1916, 1904

After a busy and demanding year, peace will be restored. At last you will get the chance to take a breather. Life is more settled now and you will make progress as the year progresses but it will be slow. You will start to feel more settled and secure.

If there are changes in your career, these will take a while to materialise. This will give you time to get used to new ideas and to plan ahead. Nothing will happen very quickly during the year of the Rabbit and you will find yourself quite liking the less hectic atmosphere.

Your curiosity is as lively as ever this year. That’s why a course of study, a training scheme or learning a foreign language could be a tempting idea. Don’t just think about it, sign up on that course now. It is very possible that new horizons could open up to you from such endeavours. The tide of life is turning in your favour. Anything you attempt to do with a positive mind will bring you success and a strong sense of achievement.

You will enjoy group activities and working as a team. Companionable relationships will be the key to your success wherever you might be and whatever you might be trying. In fact, getting together with other people towards a mutual goal will be highly rewarding and you will work better, with more thoroughness than if you attempt things solo.

This is a good year to enhance your learning and your skills. Either through taking a correspondence course or a class at a local college. Choose subjects that might benefit your career in the years to come.

Choose holiday destinations with care this year. Not because anything negative is forecast while travelling but because this will provide you with an ideal opportunity to relax with your family and loved ones if you choose the right kind of tranquil location.

Finances will be reasonable during the year of the Rabbit providing you are sensible about what you do with your cash. If a little extra comes your way unexpectedly you would do better to invest this rather than splash out without thinking.

All in all you can look forward to an interesting year with much to enjoy and many satisfying accomplishments of a joint and personal nature.

Best months for career: March and November

Best months for Romance: June and September


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