Saturday, December 16

Valentine's Day Traditions

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Probably we can hear the traditions of Valentine’s name we visited. And traditions vary either as much as the people he loves. I would like to share with you every year some of our traditions, continued.

When it was up, our family or write cards to each other. There were six of us in our family, and what do all our cards to collect and put them in a “Valentine box” which was made by one of us. It consisted of a standard form that we had and we write with and the role of hearts construction set.

Then after dinner, everyone sit table and open the window. We have submitted to the Valentine cards to recipients and enjoyed the creations of others. It is a great reminder of my childhood.

Our family in this tradition, when my children were younger. We have our table of Valentine and cards that we had created or written each other. Of course, is prefabricated Valentine’s many come with 20-30 a table only used many times. But always the correct image selected for each family member said.

We have created a special Valentine’s day meal. This was one of our traditions, which enjoyed. Lasagne, pizza or other special features that we do every day (or even each week), but that everyone loves.

Now that my children are prior to both mostly just my husband and I, which is the special food (well, many times!) include, we share our dog but while Valentine’s day has changed over the years, I believe that the traditions are still important. We must have our documents, no more “box”, but we still buy tickets together which express our feelings in this important day “love”.

What are your Valentine traditions? Maintained wherever possible and its treasure. Their children can only for you with his family, as I do with us!


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