Friday, December 15

How I Meet My Two Bestie's!

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Well the Story goes like this Back in 9th Grade when I was 16 I met a new friend called Jade. She is a Short Asian girl about 5 foot with black hair and a slim body. I never knew her at the time, but I decided to to come up and say “Hi my name is zack“. Luckly she replied and she said her name was Jade boudtaroth, everyone on the bus called her a nickname cause how she look’s. She looked hot to all the guys in the bus, but she really didn’t care for it. When I started talking to her for a little bit in the bus I knew that she was one of those people who is calm and chill, but she wouldnt talk to anyone on that bus. After a little while I got her number and started to talk to her a little more, but I didn’t realize that she didn’t ride the bus no more. But until one day when i started the 10th grade I got into a class called Advance Computer Programming at the tech center. Lets go back some before I starting to talk to her, I use to be afraid to talking to girls no joke. I had more guy friends, then girlfriends. Well back to the story, the day I started to talk to Jade when I was talking to my friend Celene. Well she had a secret facebook cause shes not really a talking person, shes one those people who have a small crowd and she doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Well I’m like that to , but im more open to people than she is. Shes not one of those people who will give you a hug, she is one of those people you need to get to know pretty well. Until one day we took our exams for 1, 3, 5 and I got first period off. I came in and said”Hey look who it is”, then Jade gave me a hug crying. She gave me huge hug and opened up to me, shes told me that she failed the test for Autotech. But I said everything will be alright as we are still huging for like 10 minutes. She didn’t want to talk to anyone after what happened my friend stephen tried, but it wasn’t a pretty site! Well after that I became one of her best guy friend’s cause I know her pretty well and she never had a best guy friend ever. We decided after this school year we are going to do Computer Maintence 1 next year cause that’s what Jade and I want to do.  Well for my next Bestie that I met her name is Joyce, it’s actually funny how I met her. I met her on facebook on one of her statuses, she told me to inbox her so I did as she told me. It was bout family problems and she asked me if I had skype. I told her no, so I got it and now I like it cause Over 30 million people use it and I get to talk to my Bestie. She lives in Canada alll the way up there and she is one of those people who will open up to you if you get to know her. She loves to help people, like I do, shes love to laugh alot and have fun. Shes one of those people you can chill with, but she is loud and that don’t bother me cause I’m a calm person. She can make your day when your day when your not having a good day. She loves music, Jade and I do as well, but out of us Jade don’t really listen to music alot. Both of there favorite music is Linkin Park, and mine is Sum1! Joyce has black hair with black eyes, she has a firm body, and she is bout as tall as Jade. She is black and Jade is Asian, side note don’t get wrong withasian’s there smart. Well for these two Bestie’s that I met I love them to death don’t get me wrong cause I really do. I wouldn’t know what to do without them! There alway’s there for me and I’m alway’s there for them when thing’s go bad! But this is my story bout my Two BestieThat’s I love So Much! Now my question to you is where would you be without your Besties!


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