Sunday, December 17

Her Lovely Valentine

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Her Lovely Valentine

Amy just couldn’t help falling for him the moment she set eyes on him. He had the most limpid brown eyes she had ever seen, his face was so expressive, as though life had not been kind to him. She could see a sadness lurking there, and it made her feel as though she wanted to chase it away.

He was a man of few words, but Amy didn’t mind that. She had experienced men who promised her the earth, and then they were gone. This one was different, he was loyal , reliable, and caring, and that was something new for her to enjoy. She felt valued, so it wasn’t long before she allowed him to come and live with her. The partnership worked well, he made her feel safe and secure, and in return she shared her home and her life with him.

Even Gloria couldn’t spoil it

She didn’t even care when Gloria, the office show off was talking about her hot date that night. Evidently her latest beau, and she ‘d had a few, had bought her a heart shaped box of chocolates, and a very sexy card, and was taking her out to the new Chinese restaurant that evening. Amy said she hoped they had a nice time, and she meant it.

When the day was over, she couldn’t wait to get on the train and travel home to him. Max would be waiting for her, as earlier he had been at her mother’s house, but he would be back now to greet her. This arrangement worked well, as Amy’s mother was not immune to his charm either, and this pleased Amy, as she hadn’t wanted him to be alone all day in the flat, waiting for her return.

He was there when she got home


As she put her key in the lock, she pictured him coming to the door to see her. No matter what he was doing, her arrival was the most important thing to him, and it made her forget all the misery of the past. In the end, Richard hadn’t even bothered to return her ‘phone calls, let alone want to see her, so it was no great surprise to find out he had been cheating on her.

As she opened the door, Max greeted her so warmly, and she put her arms around him, enjoying his warmth and softness against her. ” Hi ya fella, who needs men when I’ve got a cuddly boy like you.” she said, as she buried her head in his fur. One day she might be ready to try again, but right now she had the best friend in the world.


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