Friday, December 15

I’m Not Afraid of Getting Older.

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However as the years passed, I got married and had a son and daughter. The teenage years were over for me and now I was in the real world. The pressure of being a young parent can be overwhelming at times. With the proud times came a lot of sacrifice and responsibility.

Then eventually the kids move out on their own and raise their own families. My wife and I are now able to do more things in life centered around just the two of us. Then a serious illness struck me in 1994 that took a hold of me and made me a prisoner in it’s grasp. My outlook on life changed and I wondered if the end of my life was closing in at only 46 years old. I fought the battle and slowly returned to good health. However after the major illness my outlook on life took a drastic change.Now the thought of living to 100 seemed like a far distant memory. After a brush with death I realize just how precious life is. Now I take one day at a time and enjoy the pleasures of each and every day. Whether I see geese flying overhead, a beautiful red cardinal fly over to a nearby tree, or have my cat jump up on my lap and curl up to take a nap. Simple things but some don’t understand the significance. I cherish those simple events that I never gave a thought to years ago. The simple things mean so much more now as I enter my senior years.

I no longer think of growing older as a bad thing. As I approach 61, I now know I have had many ups and downs in my life. I think the down times make you a stronger person and allows you to appreciate the good times so much more. In my 61 years I have a wonderful wife who has shared 38 years with me, I have a son and a daughter, and five grand children that I love with all my heart. I’ve got good friends, a job, a place to live and a happy life. I have more young people than ever call me sir. I get senior discounts at restaurants now and get discounts and benefits with my AARP membership. I see retirement on the horizon and plan to spend as much time as possible putting my life, my ambitions, and my goals into words to share with others. If I can bring a smile to someones face, have them shed a tear of happiness, or put a little kindness or love in their heart, then I have accomplished my goal.

Why have I decided to write at such a late stage in my life. I feel that the time is right. The words spoken by one man over forty years ago has given me the inspiration. I was watching ABC’s Wide World Of Sports as a teenager and Evel Knievel was being interviewed just before one of his thrilling motorcycle jumps. A few words of that interview have stuck in my mind ever since. He said, “A lot of people don’t know what it is like to succeed or fail because they don’t have the guts to try”. It’s my first step in finding out whether or not I will be a successful writer.


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