Wednesday, December 13

Ways Musicians Can Increase And Maintain Their Fanbase

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Fans are one thing every musician can never have enough of. This article consist of a few ways you can increase and maintain your fanbase.

Sending emails to your fans will keep them informed with what you are doing. You want to make sure you have an active email address for as many of your fans as you can obtain. Keeping them abreast with your gigs, new releases and any other interesting news pertaining to you and your band can be crucial. Two mass emails a month is a great way to keep your fans informed. Remember you do not want to overdo the emails so keep it limited and informative.

Make sure you have a personal website. This is another way for your fans to keep up with you. Your site would also be used to promote your music. Your followers will be able to not only listen to your music but they will be able to purchase it as well. Everything that you send out to your fans make sure your website is listed on it.

Your performance is a very important part of your success, it would be wise to tape your performances and place them on your website. This will help you in adding more fans as they can watch you in action. It is also an excellent idea to have someone taking photos of you or your group while you are performing. This can be used for publicity such as write ups in the newspapers and other publications. You want your fans and potential fans to remember you.

When you do your live performances interact with the audience. Let them know about your website along with your Facebook, Twitter or any other social site you may be affiliated with. This will also increase your fanbase and bring more awareness to you and your group.

From time to time you could offer your fans a free gift if they log on to your website and sign up to be added to your mailing list. A free Mp3, DVD or a T-shirt are all excellent items to promote you or your group.

These are just a few ways you can increase and maintain your fanbase.


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