Monday, December 18

Getting Your Ebook Published

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Ebooks have grown at an extraordinary rate on the internet over the last couple of years. Along with the growth of the eBook has come the growth of publishers for the eBook.

Many authors of this new form of literature are searching for the best publisher to assist them with getting their eBook out to the public. There are several things to consider when determining the best eBook publisher for your work. Choosing the eBook publisher that can provide you with the service you need at a rate you can afford can be a daunting task.

There are several critical factors to consider when having your book published on the web. Locating the best publisher for your eBook can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.

The best thing about an eBook publisher is that your book is published online without any expense for publication. However, the publisher does receive a percentage of each book purchased online. There is a variation of this amount with each publisher. Compare different rates with different publishers. Try to determine what the best return is for the money.

What services for promotion of your book is the publisher providing for you? What is the publisher’s percentage for each book? How much are you making on each book? These are questions that should be asked and answered prior to hiring a publisher or publishing agency for your eBook. Attempt to get the best rates possible.

When you find out you are going to be published, many of us are absolutely over the hill ecstatic. However, don’t allow this feeling to distract you from taking care of your business needs. When you sign a contract with the publisher or company, read your entire contract. Specifically read the fine print. Make sure that you are not missing anything and you understand everything contained in this contract. Ask questions if you have any or do not understand some of the information contained within the contract.

Understand what your copyright’s are. These will be another variation between publishers. Ideally you should be able to retain full ownership of your creation but that may not necessarily be the case depending upon which publisher you select for your book. If you do not retain full ownership of your eBook, reconsider the publisher. If you would feel more comfortable having and attorney review your contract you are about to sign with your publisher, by all means do so.

Review the publisher to determine if they have a good reputation for publishing. A lot of information can be located on the web. Review forums, customer feedback and other sources of information available to you. Check with the Better Business Bureau and with your state’s Attorney General Office to determine if they have ever been charged with any wrongdoing in your state.

Having an eBook written and published moves you to another level in the world of freelance writing. When looking for the best eBook publisher, consider these items in order to assure your eBook is successful.


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