Thursday, December 14

Myths Surrounding The Use of Condoms

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If you have a mature healthy sexual relationship you may use condoms as a source of birth control and a prevention method of transmitting sexually related diseases. There are people that have excuses as to why condoms shouldn’t be worn. New reasons are still being invented for not wearing condoms. All of these are myths. The following are explanations that debunk those myths.

  • Condoms are hard to find

This may have been true over 100 years ago. In this day and age you can find and purchase condoms in any pharmacy and bathrooms in nightclubs. Condoms can be purchased through websites online and various convenience stores. Family planning center such as Planned Parenthood, give away free condoms in most states.

  • Condoms survive eternally in a wallet

Condoms have an expiration date and cannot last forever in a wallet. Leaving condoms in your wallet for extended periods of time tend to dry them up, they get frail and easily break during usage or while applying. Don’t take a chance with an expired condom.

  • Condoms are too expensive

Compare the costs of condoms to cost of years of herpes treatment. What’s more expensive a condom or a funeral? Would you like to spend a couple of dollars purchasing a condom or pay child support for many years to come? Compared to a lot of things condoms that could result if a condom isn’t used, condoms are rather cheap

  • I can’t find a condom that fits me

There are men that are extremely large or extremely small for the typical condom. No need to worry. Anywhere condoms are sold they have a variety of sizes. Find one that fits your personal size.

  • I have allergies to the latex in condoms

Most condoms are made from latex products. However, there are other materials that condoms are made of other than latex. Not many people in the general population have latex allergies, less than 3 percent. For those that have allergies to latex, condoms are also available in polyurethane and sheepskin. The condoms made from alternate materials are just as effective as the normal latex condom.

  • Condoms cramp my style

Your style will be more cramped by midnight feedings or contracting HIV or AIDS. How about herpes? The two main reasons to wear condoms are pregnancy and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Wear a condom.

  • I’m embarrassed to buy condoms

If you’re embarrassed, buy them online. In addition, you can purchase them in most men’s restrooms.

  • Condoms take away from the pleasurable sexual sensation. They cause desensitization.

Condoms are created from a material that is elastic and thin yet durable raw material. These materials are designed not to desensitize. There are condoms that exist with a certain lubricant based on water especially designed for those people that experience problems reaching orgasm

Condoms are 98 percent effective. Of the 2 percent that have been defective it was the users mishandling or faulty handling of the condom. If you’re in a rush and rip the package open with your teeth, be sure you don’t damage the condom. If you have 15 inch talons for nails, be careful you don’t puncture the condom.

Therefore, be sure to use these correctly to protect against pregnancy and disease. The only birth control method that is 100 percent effective is abstinence.  The condom is very effective at 98 percent with proper use.


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