Sunday, December 17

How to Keep Going in Life And Make Your Dream Come True?

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You are born, you start to age, you learn things, you discover life. All that you have learned and discovered through out your life suddenly comes to a crashing halt, and you world is turned upside down and inside out. Everything changes, you see the world differently and you see yourself as just a speck in this big universe.

You try to make some people understand you, but fail, you try harder and harder and eventually the people that you are trying to convince start hating you instead. You begin to spend most of your time just searching for the right words to say to them. Suddenly what your life was in the past disappears from your grasp and  you become the person whom you were trying to convince. You leave your life totally and are just there for that person.

You start travelling in the direction that you think is right, without thinking where it might lead you. When you realize that you have taken a wrong turn, it’s already too late. What I wouldnt give to turn back time to the moment when I had the chance. But you never can. For time never waits for anyone.

So what can you do now?

Turn back and forget about your journey to which you have given everything just to find your life


Continue and keep on searching for words, you will probably never reach your destination and will be as empty as you are now

The strangest thing about all of this is, You are in search of “Life” and “Death” at the same time. Although sorrow might have been a major part of your life but you never get used to it, and if you get the tiniest single chance of happiness you gladly go for it.

So go for it, keep going for it.


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