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My Last Half Year of Experiences: Part 1 of 2

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Some background on my situation: In June 2010, I filed for public office of Findlay City Council at Large. I had a plan to campaign for City Council, albeit deemed impractical by Melanie, my wife. In June, I bought two Bible Code software products, although I the second software was not used until July 4, 2010. Around July 1, 2010, Melanie had been staying in a group home, I was told. She was there because of her depressed behavior. On July 4, I went to church to demonstrate Bible Code software, but instead was told it was not of interest to Stonebridge Church. I then e-mailed the prime minister of Israel asking for help with the Bible Code, saying I found my name and details in the Bible Code. Some time later, the Findlay police came to my apartment looking for Melanie, I got very suspicious. I tried calling Melanie, but a different woman answered with a different voice, who know many things Melanie knew, but not everything was correct. I thought Melanie was kidnapped by the Mental Health authorities.

I then went to the computer, and asked God in prayer to help me find Melanie using the Bible Code. God then seemed to hear my prayer. I looked up “Brooksi” in the Bible Code, based on the group home being called Brookside Home. At the top, a keyword was “Leviticus” so set my software to the book of Leviticus. At that book, I needed an unlock code, I waited for a sign, asking God for indication. Then the phone rang, it was Rite Aid, saying Melanie’s medicine would be held for pickup until July 14. I thought, the unlock code must be “14” so I entered it, and I got a prophecy successfully. I memorized the definitions of the words as I looked them up, spending upwards of two of three hours. I mistakingly thought maybe Kris Jumper might drive me to the compound where Melanie was being held to rescue Melanie from forced medical experimentation. I thought Melanie was in “Cali” state, I was scared.

The prophecy said something about, “she was chosen for her [being overweight]” so I thought for sure God wrote about my wife Melanie. I visualized Melanie being exploited medically as a voice model by doing electroshock to her against her will, to provide voices for two web sites I saw by Googling Bible Code words, which were “cloud” and some military battle game. “Cloud” was University of California based, and I thought it was a “Block” of “misery” and medical experimentation. The web site was not yet launched, so I thought people were going to start being tortured in the near future, and Melanie was among the first, but that God wanted me to help save her. I then wrote an email to and asked them to contact daughter Echo Shiftly. I called my dad, who assured me to not worry, so I calmed down and had some food.

I later finished my meal, and browsed the Bible Code, this time looking up “Eric” and “Meyer”. I found a prophecy about myself having a trial, relating to “CI Host” my server company, and going to “jail” in “shackles” and being “abandoned and forgotten.” Disturbed by this, I called the FBI collect, they offered no help. I tried calling the president, but no way to reach him. I then called the Findlay police, who later arrived, and offered to do little, except possibly a trip to the mental hospital. The Findlay police officer said I did no crime and therefore going to spend a night or more in jail to work out the misunderstanding with emailing the Israeli prime minister was unreasonable; so I accepted the trip to the hospital. I was reluctant to go to the hospital, because I had canceled my health insurance some weeks earlier, and was uninsured. Plus, I thought the hospital prophecy was for Melanie to suffer though, and unless I saved Melanie, the keyword “DEATH” would happen to Melanie. I was also aware that if I took her prophecy away, it may be me that will see “DEATH” upon my life in the near future from doctors.

Due to the issue of fearing death, I was extra careful and did not feel inclined to speak my mind.

When told to take medications at first, I took them, for a day. Then I insisted that my wife, Melanie, be present every day or I would stop taking medicine after 24 hours of a visit by Melanie.

When I saw Melanie meet with me and Tony from Century Health was present, I saw that Melanie had been crying. I thought the paper I was told to sign would bring me “DEATH” so I refused to sign it. I did not want to be part of medical experimentation, which I thought that paper was for.

Melanie brought me a letter with the coded message of “I KNOW” in it. I thought this meant the prophecy was something Melanie know about, based on the fact we got married on August 14 and the unlock code was Leviticus “14” in the Bible Code. Further, I knew Melanie had donated some $1400 to churches, and I thought she had probably paid Irvin Baxter some large portion to teach her about the Bible Code. Melanie said for many months that “I had a dream of marrying a man with the last name of Meyer.” Melanie knew a lot about Bible Code and actually introduced me to Bible Code technique and practice. Melanie had not wanted to move to an intentional community, so I thought the reason was chiefly because of my prophecy work she knew about. These things went through my mind around the first week of July 2010.

While at the hospital, I was deeply concerned about being uninsured. I was tested for intelligence, and was slow, so I wanted to avoid being sent away for medical experimentation. So, I tried to appear extra intelligent by looking for such opportunities.

I had visions of working together with Barack Obama as a prophet of God helping bring peace and a Golden Age to the world and United States. I tried telling this to the hospital staff, and they just kept injecting me with medications repeatedly. I requested to speak with Barack Obama, but was not allowed.

My mother, Margaret Meyer, told me that Melanie and I were both having problems with the government around the same time, and that Barack Obama “was just previously on the phone with me.”

I tried using the phone to call out for my attorney, from BVH, but the headset was confiscated.

Towards the end of the week, the Blanchard Valley Hospital staff were getting irritated and often vexed at my every behavior. By the last day, I was asked by BVH staff to sign a paper. I refused because I thought it would put me in forced experimental medical care to pay my medical debts incurred. Just moments before a judgment was reached, I signed a paper randomly, thinking I was being “angelic”, sacrificing myself to save both my wife and mother from a life of imprisonment for giving me advice and counsel. I thought I needed to show I was independent from my wife and mother in my actions, so they would not be harmed legally. “Angelic” was in the bible code under “ERIC IS” along with “Menace.” Like a crossed t-bar, “Angelic” was in the left and “Menace” was on the right side, with “ERICIS” as the stem, as entered using Bible Codes Plus version of software.

Maggie and Melanie visited me at BVH many times. During such times, they would tell me codes and stories of how to impeach the president. I did not value such a goal much, but I figured if my life was going to end due to the president, I may just as well follow the advise. I did not understand why the president wanted to lock me away in a life long facility to do electroshock therapy on me, but since Maggie suggested I would be there forever and die there, I wanted to help all the other victims of forced medical care to be hopefully freed from such a horrible fate by such a cruel sounding president.

During my final hour at BVH, Melanie and Maggie visited me and gave me some cards with artwork on them. They explained it was codes related to help me impeach Barack. I assumed codes meant Bible Code. I tried to memorize some of the stories given to me, but I did not understand much of what they were talking about. I thought I was on a mission to save hundreds or thousands of lives of unfortunate people who did no crime except being poor and being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Then Melanie and Maggie left me, and I was told to read the papers given me with artwork thought to be from the Bible Code. I did not read much at all, I just took a nap and rested as I prayed to LORD Jesus Christ. Then my ride came for me. I was shackled with handcuffs on my feet, and my hands, and my neck, and placed into a wheelchair, and placed in a van, and escorted by a police officer to my new home, for what turn out to be eleven grueling weeks: Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.

But as I rode from Findlay to Toledo, I thought I was going to an airport to fly to California. “Cali” was mentioned in the Bible Code I read on July 4. I prayed in the vehicle and was silent.

At the NOPH in Toledo, I was unshackled, taken to have my eyes scanned. It looked a bit like a RFID implantation device, so I was scared of it. In a few minutes, I began dancing and chanting my prayers. It did this in compliance of the instructions given to me by Melanie and Maggie. After a few minutes, I was confused and realized this, so I started apologizing to everyone. I was then offered a meal. I accepted the meal and was very polite with the doctors and staff.

I decided I did not want to die to get the president impeached. I would rather suffer and die slowly a less significant life; after all, someone else may impeach the president and be more successful. I wanted so much to see my wife again, even if my body would be mutilated and brain be damaged.

In hopes to avoid being sent to California to die from electroshock therapy and experimental medical research isolated from Melanie and my family, I expressed desire to talk with a doctor about signing up for their experimental surgery and medication program. I indicated I preferred to stay at NOPH for the rest of my life and preferred experimental medication over being sent to California for experimental restorative surgery and long term or permanent residency.

During my first 24 hours at NOPH, I remembered the prophecy from July 4, 2010 when I read “Blade” and “Cable” to suggest my future held brain surgery and electro convulsive therapy aka electroshock, unless I changed my ways. By change my ways, I needed to quickly act and think differently, and for this, I thought I needed to pray and meditate on the error of my past ways, to try to respond and act differently. Essentially, I thought I needed to make a “fundamental change” within myself, as the author of the book THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE, Mr. Fritz wrote about in a book dad gave me just weeks before my discharge from NOPH.

During the early part of the first month of hospitalization at NOPH, my wife brought me paper and pens. Quite a few writing supplies were provide to me. I choose to take an inventory, and recorded the UPC of the more important items in a notebook, in case of dispute with another patient as to the ownership of my writing supplies.

I decided to write about and document Sonic Eye software project in one nice notebook with a binding. I write about the 553 project in the other nice notebook. Sonic Eye is educational software.

According to the receipts, Melanie paid about $0.30 each for the nice notebooks from Walmart. I verified the UPC codes myself. I got some what appeared to be premium pens, and wrote using them, since they said permanent non-smear ink and ergonomic design. They were “G” something series pens.

After I filled several pages in each notebook of each respective project, I discovered the writing had been tampered with. Letters were changed to alter the meaning of my books. In a few cases, entire sentences were rearranged, as if the ink was erased and printed on the page with a mechanic computer laser printer device.

Out of shock and fear for being able to convey my thoughts without tampering, I prayed for a solution. I did not think my roommate at the time did this, as he was very sleepy all the time, very highly medicated. I thought this was done by U.S. Homeland Security, because I was thought to be a spy for some country, perhaps Israeli or Russia. I was infuriated and in prayer, knowledge was given.

God interviewed by giving me knowledge of a new skill. It started with writing ASCII codes for the words I wanted to form. Soon, LORD Jesus Christ taught me to write using a grid, of ten by ten boxes, and place letters in a certain way. I will describe a little of each coding method now.

The first coding method involved was to substitute an ASCII code for each letter desired. If I wanted to write the word, “AFRAID” I would write “65 70 82 65 73 68”. I choose to do this because of my computer programming work, I used ASCII often, and had quick recall of the letters. But there was another reason I choose to continue beyond simple substitution of letters with ASCII codes.

I was remembering my experience at Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay, where I was being tested for intelligence. I thought if I can prove myself to be intelligent, I may have a better chance for survival, and maybe not be used for medical experimentation in California. Hopefully, by doing number coding, I could show I was maybe a brilliant mind, and not be forced into brain surgery and electroshock, which the Bible Code said would lead to my “death” according to LORD Jesus Christ’s Bible Code.

So, to try to avoid death by electroshock and brain surgery, I choose to begin encrypting datagrams. I would take an except from a book, which I used THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES by Gary Chapman, of size 100 letters and spaces, and place it in a special way.

In a brief explanation, I had three grids set up: the text to protect, the book text and the key. I could write up to 100 characters in the text to protect, and it would be very difficult for a computer to crack, or that was my goal and prayer request from LORD Jesus Christ. The book text was selected based on the days’ date, I took the first 100 characters from the selected page to make it easier, or perhaps in a few cases I might have taken at the beginning of a new section in the book, THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES. The key was more complex; for the key, I extracted a set of ten values by placing two arms of five each in the book text grid, and moving up/down or left/right on each arm. To make a code more difficult still to break, I sometimes would alternative down/up and right/left to up/down and left/right.

Because the key was generated using a graphical memory of the grid, and it would be difficult to explain this inadvertently in my sleep, I thought this would help me protect my selected data from corruption and being read in a non encrypted form. I remember coding a few things, such as a lab experiement I did of measuring the water repellant versus smearing of pen inks. I also write about my observations in the hospital, in fear I would be electroshocked and have limited memory of what happened in my ordeal at NOPH.

I thought I observed human nonvolunteers being forced to take medications they did not want, including experimental medications. I thought I needed to get this message out, that Barack Obama was helping drug companies and restorative brain surgery companies to research ways to better control those people who are politically not “normal” by the government’s definition and sole judgment.

I remember a woman in the hospital whom I interviewed, say she was giving away food in her community without a license or permit, when she got picked up for mental illness. One person said he was in jail, came to this hospital, was supposed to talk with me, and was going back to jail for not talking like he was supposed to do. Moreover, the woman referenced being sent away for weight loss, as part of a forced experimental program, she explained she was sad about this. I gave her the info of Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, aka “BEAM” which was the place I thought Melanie and I would go to live following the successful completing of my work for LORD Jesus Christ in prophecy.

During my time at the hospital, I tried to sign myself off of public assistance. I thought I would be winning a lawsuit against the president for my hardship, and be doing computer work at BEAM. I was unsure if I would receive more than $5,000 for my injuries back at that time I was signing off of Section 8, Welfare and Social Security.

I thought, too, that social security was a failing system, that would soon collapse, leading to its participants being potentially forced to enroll with experimental medical care to pay Social Security for benefits. My thinking was not the most clear while in the hospital.

Around September 1, 2010, my mom visited me, along with a woman named Melanie who said she was my wife. I was confused on my medications, which were injected twice daily against my will. While talking with Margaret Meyer, I was asked questions like my passwords for my accounts, and whether I wanted the server paid. I explained the web server can be canceled by a phone call as a courtesy to the CI Host company, although CI Host had recently changed their name.

Interestingly, Margaret Meyer asked, “Where do you want all the money spent?” I said, I want the server to be paid, and the rest to go to her” as I pointed to “Melanie” to my left. “Melanie” appeared happy and elated with the idea of my death, so I realized that was not Melanie Meyer, but some woman “Melanie” sent as an imposture. Margaret said, “but it is too much!” I said that such was my wishes.

I recently asked Melanie Meyer, around December 2010, if she was present that day, and Melanie Meyer said no. So, I confirmed it was, in fact, an imposture sent to visit me with Margaret Meyer who pretended to be my wife and who went by the name of “Melanie”.

During my eleven weeks of hospitalization, efforts were made to confuse me. For instance, during the first eight weeks especially, I would request to call Melanie Meyer, and instead I would be given to speak on the phone with a female voice that pretended to be Melanie Meyer, but not her. Disgusted, I would feel angry and hang up on the imposture, saying that I was upset I was connected with a fake Melanie Meyer. The hospital misconstrued this as me not wanting to speak with my wife, Melanie Meyer. I did want to talk with Melanie Meyer, my wife; I did not want to speak with the imposture, the person I thought was a government contractor voice model hired to deceive me by talking with me.

I figured that even poor Echo and Brian Shiftly were captured by the government, like Melanie, because I was not convinced the call “with them” was really Echo or Brian. I thought Echo and Brian were in jail, and Melanie was in jail, with Brice in foster care. Darla has too many kids to be a likely home for Brice during Echo and Brian’s imprisonment for helping rescue me from this evil president. Or evil I thought.

I called Barack Obama the anti-christ while at NOPH, on a number of occasions. I wrote, during group recreational therapy, drawings of going to court against Obama towards impeachment. I expressed my intense disregard for Obamacare and forced healthcare. I explained about myself too, certain details.

About myself, I repeated, until my final three weeks, that I was not mentally ill, and that I was not sick, and did not need any medication. The hospital at NOPH responded the same way as BVH: They injected me with medications at least twice a day, to try to force me into compliance. For some eight weeks at NOPH, I refused injections.


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