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Six Vital Blessings of Sound Sleep

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Sleep is a vital gift of nature to all living beings. It gives a lot of physical, psychological and spiritual benefits to man. But recent researches say that modern lifestyle has deprived of man the benefits of good sleep. The number of people who toss and turn in bed and wake up under-slept and antsy is increasing day by day. Insomnia has become an inevitable fashion of the day. Yes, today we are badly in need of sleep.

Mother Nature’s balance

Mother Nature created this earth in which balance and symmetry is evident everywhere you turn. Day and night, dark and bright, eat and eliminate, sleep and work, etc. are all about this natural balance. This reversion to balance is nowhere better displayed than in the body’s constant striving to maintain the balance of homeostasis which includes sleep and work.

Man deprived of his sleep

A recent study on the Americans concluded that 90% of them suffer from too little sleep. Today, the average adult is getting sleep somewhere between 6 and 7 hours and even less. Falling asleep is harder today because of anxiety about work, security, household chores, health problems, etc. Studies state that we get only half the sleep of that our ancestors got when they were tuned to the rhythms of the biosphere and that we are more exposed to diseases.

Six vital blessings of sleep

Sleep is vital to maintain good health and a positive mental wellbeing, necessary for good health.

1) A good night’s sleep boosts the immune system

This is the most important benefit of sound sleep. A goodnight’s sleep boosts up the immune system and prepares the body and mind for the next day’s functioning. It is during a good sleep that prolactin production begins and white cells known as macrophages and leukocytes will be promoted by melatonin and prolactin, the two hormones for the purpose of thinning out some of our gut bacteria to restore harmony in the body.

2) Repairs the body systems

It is during the deepest stages of sleep cycle, that the immune system of our body repairs damages inflicted on it throughout the waking hours and important neurotransmitters in the brain refuel for the day to come.

3) A good sleep helps learning

The journal ‘Learning and Memory’ reports that a good sleep helps you consolidate what you have learnt during the day and perform better. Researchers observed that out of 200 college students who were taught to play video games, those who learnt in the morning performed somewhat well immediately after training, did poorly 12 hours later and performed the best the next morning after a good sleep. And the students who learnt in the evening performed better the next morning after sleeping.

4) It protects heart from coronary artery calcifications

Coronary artery calcification is a precursor to heart disease. A good sleep protects heart from these coronary artery calcifications. US researchers who tracked about 500 people aged from 35 to 47 found that none of them had calcification in their arteries in the first scan, but 61 of them had it in the second scan five years later. Studies reveal that a good sleep can reduce the risk of this coronary artery calcification.

5) Only a good sleep can give rest to the mind

Even when you are taking rest without any work, your mind will be functioning. But it is during the deep sleep that your mind also can have rest. It can relieve you from your stress and tension.

6) Good sleep maintains optimum weight of the body

Sleep is one of the critical factors for weight loss and health. It can balance the body weight and protect you from obesity. 


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