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Creating a New Odbc Dsn

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Instead of just selecting an existing DSN, you can create a new one with the Create New Data Source option. Since most people find this much easier to use in the long run, the following steps will walk you through setting up a new DSN for your database. This new DSN can-have a descriptive name that you select, and after you set -it up once it is saved and you do not have to go through these steps again.

1. With the Data Explorer open, select the Create New Data Source op­tion from the ODBC list. This opens the Create New Data Source dialog box.

Refer to Appendix A, “Setting Up an ODBC Data Source,” for details re­garding the type of data source to set up—file, user, or system.

2. Select what type of data source you want, and click next. This changes the dialog box and you are instructed, row select a driver. What you see here is dependent on your computer and your network. Select & driver and click Next

3. Name your data source. This is where you can give your data source whatever name you want, so that you will recognize it. Click Next and the data source name you have specified and the driver arc both lusted. Click Finish,

4. Because I selected the MS Access driver, I am now prompted with the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog box. I have collected the in­structional information and database driver to create my DSN, and now I am prompted to specify which Access database I want to connect to.

5. Select the database you want to create the connection to from the Select Database dialog box, and click OK.

6. Click OK again at the ODBC Microsoft Access setup dialog box. Your new data source will be listed at the bottom of the ODBC list.

If you want to add this new data source to your favorite’s folder, select the data source name and click the Favorites button on the Data Explorer dialog box. This will save this data source to your Favorites folder also. It will always be. Listed in the ODBC list as well.


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