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Home Based Online Opportunities For Stay at Home Moms

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In the past, there were only two choices for moms – either to stay at home or work outside of the home. Moms who opted to stay at home did not do pretty much except clean the house, cook and take care of the kids. But today, thanks to technology that have provided so many home based business opportunities for earning while working in the comforts of your home, stay at home moms can have an online home business and contribute to the family purse. Better yet, you can program your own hours and be there when your family needs you. So if you are one of these moms, how do you exactly go about making good money from home based businesses?

First off, ask yourself some questions. What really interests you? What are you passionate about? What special knowledge or talents do you have? How many hours can you spend for this endeavor? Armed with a computer, a good internet connection and the strong desire to earn, here are a few proven legitimate online home business opportunities for stay at home moms:

1.    Selling on Ebay

Everything is sold on Ebay, from needles to a human liver which was illegal, of course and consequently taken out of the listing. But the thing is that you can sell virtually anything legal on Ebay. So start looking around you and weed out the things that you no longer use or need. Remember that your trash may be somebody else’s treasure. Eventually you can move forward to purchasing items and selling them on your home business online Ebay store. These products should be something that you are familiar with and that people buying on Ebay would have a need for in order to succeed in this online home business.

2.    Be a home based online article writer

Both professional and amateur writers can find online home based writing business opportunities in several listings sites such as Odesk or Craigslist and in niche websites which are specifically targeted at helping stay at home moms find profitable online home business prospects. You can write newsletters, creative articles, academic papers, press releases and more. Many moms write for reference or magazine websites like Ehow or Goodhousekeeping that allow you to choose the niche which you are particularly interested in or have a passion for. Some companies give upfront payments while others base payment on the number of unique views to the article.

3.    Blog

Why not blog about your kids and parenting or about yourself or a particular interest? You can make money from pay per click or feature advertisements on your blog. There are several companies that pay you to weave some backlinks to their site into your blog. One good advice about blogging is to write at least one interesting post per day to attract your visitors into constantly visiting your site.

4.    Online marketing

This is one of the best home business ideas where you can sell within the confines of your home when the babies are asleep or the older kids are in school. You can join an affiliate marketing group to sell their products or start one yourself. An established affiliate or network marketing group has its system in place and all you need is jump in and join. Writing an ebook or creating websites and marketing the book or selling space advertisements online is online home business marketing that can earn you big money.

In the end, your choice of what home based business to venture into would depend on what you are most passionate about and what will bring you the money you need coupled with the satisfaction you will get from doing something you love.

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