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Keep Hot Spots And Cracks Off Your New York Cheesecakes

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New York style cheesecakesare almost everyone’s favorite. Some people want it layered with strawberry gel, chocolate syrup, or nuts and raisins. Others prefer it plain, the traditional New York way, creamy, smooth, rich, and dense. Broadly categorized, New York Cheesecakesare of two popular types, “Jewish” that is made using cream cheese and “Italian” prepared using ricotta. Both use a graham cracker crust or pastry to begin with. Either type of cheesecakes is a foodie’s delight. But these melt-in-your-mouth cake recipes do have their share of pitfalls. The much sought after NY cheesecakes can get hot spots or cracks if we do not beat or bake the batter properly. Read on to know how we can check this and make our cheesecakes better each time!

The common problem with homemade New York cheesecakes is that it may have cracks, reflecting the absence of professional handling. You can overcome this problem by learning the proper beating technique and avoiding excessive loss of moisture while baking. When beating the ingredients of the cheesecake together, you should be slow so the mixture is nice and smooth and does not incorporate a lot of air.

To prevent hot spots on your cheesecakes, you are advised not to over bake it. Remember never to heat or cool cheesecakes too quickly. Using a Bain Marie or water bath will reduce the chances of your cheesecake getting hot spots or cracking. If you are unsure whether your cheesecakes are done or not, check the center. Although the center may appear slightly wet, it will firm up when refrigerated. After an overnight stay in the freezer, wrapped up nicely in aluminum foil and zipped in a freezer bag, we can enjoy the goodness of New York style cheesecakes for several months.  

The idea of cracks and hot spots on homemade cheesecake deters a lot of people from trying it at home. If you are one among them, allow us to please your taste buds with our wide variety of New York Cheesecakes!


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