Friday, December 15

Hypothyroidism Insomnia

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Hypothyroidism can cause joint pain, hair loss, infertility, weight gain, brain fog and fatigue among a laundry list of other problems.  However, considering the fact that hypothyroidism fatigue is one of the main charactaristics, insomnia problems may seem ironic. One may wonder, “if my low thyroid makes me feel tired and exhausted all day, then why can’t I sleep at night?”.  The answer may be undiagnosed Hashimoto’s Disease.  Hashimoto’s is an auto immune disease that is caused by antibodies in your body that attack the thyroid. You can get diagnosed through a blood test that can detect the antibodies in the blood.  As my doctor explained it to me, when you have Hashimoto’s, occasionally you will get a flood of thryoid hormone and be temporarily hyperthyroid, causing symptoms such as anxiousness, nervousness, insomnia and rapid heart beat, but for the most part, you suffer the hypothyroid symptoms.  It’s almost like being mildly manic depressive. 

If you are currently suffering from Hypothyroidism insomnia, contact your doctor and if you are not seeing an edocrynologist, you should get one!  Regular doctors don’t typically understand thyroid dissorders enough to truly help you.  Your doctor may want to test your blood to make sure you are not getting too much thyroid medication as sometimes the dosage you need can change.  My endo instructed me to expect those more “hyper” phases on occasion and that when they happened, to just skip my synthroid for a day or two and then get back on to balance things out, but you should consult with your own endocrinologist regarding your medication.  Another useful way to help with hypothyroidism insomnia that you can do right away is to take melatonin before bed.  It helps so much and is non habit forming and doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy when you wake up as it is natural.  If you have bad insomnia, try taking at least 3 mg to start out with 15 minutes before bed.  If you stay up longer than 20-30 minutes after taking the melatonin, it may wear off and loose the effect, so make sure you take it and then go to bed.  If you wake up later on in the night and can’t fall asleep, take a little more.  The only side effect I’ve noticed with melatonin is if I take more than 3 mg I will have very vivid, strange dreams. My favorite place to get Melatonin is swansons vitamins, they have the best prices and fast shipping.  I love swansons vitamins and have been using them for years and would definitely reccomend buying from their website.  I love seeing the same vitamins/supplements at the health food store marked up 40-60% more than what I pay for the same brands through swansons.


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