Monday, December 11

Tips For Unemployed People

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One thought always keeps on lingering in the mind of unemployed people, whether they will get the kind of job they are looking for or not. The unemployed people are mostly worried about many things such as, how their resume will grab the attention of the employer? On what features they should concentrate while writing the resume?  and how to face the interview?  and so on. There is enormous information available on the internet such as, tips for unemployed people, resume writing, how to write a cover letter and so on.

So many important but simple interview tips will definitely be helpful to you as no one is 100% perfect, but at least can try to reach near it. Here are some of the simple tips:

  • Once you get an e-mail saying that you are called for the interview, the very first thing you can do is, thank the person for considering you

  • If the company has asked to submit some of the details prior to the interview, promptly revert back with the correct information

  • Note down all the required information regarding the address of the company, the name and designation of the person whom you are supposed to see etc.

  • Be present for the interview on time. In case you can not meet, inform the interviewer in prior and request for another time slot from the interviewer. The recruiter should understand, that you value for the communication and their precious time too

  • Carry all the required documents and photocopies with you while appearing for the interview

  • Do not bluff if you do not know the answer of any questions the interviewer asks. Be honest if you do not know the answer. Understand one thing, it is not necessary that if you answer all the questions correctly, then and then only you will be selected. The interviewer judges you in his own way considering various criteria.

  • If the interviewer asks you to submit some documents after the interview, send those at the earliest without fail.

  • Thank the interviewer for the precious time he spared for interviewing you. You can indicate your urge to work in the organization in a very polite manner.

These are the basic interview tips. If you have never followed any of the tips mentioned, think over it and try to follow them. It will definitely help you to achieve your desired goal. 


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