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A Special Ring For a Special Someone

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Since1910 has been offering a wide variety of quality engagement rings for over a hundred years. Its website, provides you with a complete itinerary of its available designs for engagement ring, wedding rings and eternity rings. Here is a short introduction on engagement rings to help you choose the perfect ring for your special someone.

The wedding band and the engagement ring are among the most memorable parts of a perfect wedding day, so they shouldn’t be ignored or taken for granted. They’re a symbol of commitment and eternal devotion – there’s a reason it’s a ring and not another piece of jewelry. While glitz and flair are nice, ultimately, the perfect ring is one that serves as a symbol while also fitting the couple’s sensibilities. This means choosing wisely is a necessity.

The wedding bands and engagement rings you choose will be one of the most enduring pieces of your wedding day. Not only are they an important element of becoming married, but they are also a symbolism of your bond of love and passion. It is therefore a necessity for you to opt for jewelry that is of high quality and a classic design. You’ll have to be able to choose wisely so that you get your money’s worth.

Style of Engagement Rings

There are numerous styles of engagement rings you can choose from. Since you’re special someone would always be wearing the ring, you’ll have to make sure to get the perfect one. You also have the option to propose without an engagement ring, and then go get one together. However, even if this is a foolproof way of making sure your fiancée likes the ring, others think this makes the even a little less romantic. They would rather bring a best friend or mother to choose a ring with them, or have a romantic date to get a general idea of the ring they’d want.

Style of Wedding Bands

Now the wedding band is something that you can choose together. When choosing the look or the design, you must simply follow your instincts. Ask yourself the question, “Is it okay that I wear this style every day, or is it too trendy that it can go out of style?” One classic style is the plain gold wedding band. However, if you think that it’s too simple, try out a beaded edge or an engraved style. If you want something more unique, choose some channel-set diamonds. In the end, what’s important is that you choose a style that expresses you as a couple. For instance, a couple chose to have their wedding rings custom-made with a bicycle design, since they love biking and practically met on a cycling event.

Some primary engagement ring and wedding band metal choices are:

•    Yellow Gold

This is the most traditional of metals and symbolizes the affection and love in a marriage. You can check inside the band to determine the quality of the gold, which is usually 14k, 18k, or 24k. Of these, 24k is the most pure and also the softest. If you do work with your hands, you should opt for the sturdier 14k or 18k.

•    White Gold

This has become a popular design because it goes well with both silver and platinum jewelry and is more affordable than platinum.

•    Platinum

The platinum is a stylish metal, but the hardest as well. That is why a lot of people say that this ring reflects everlasting love. This is perfect for those who are allergic; unlike gold, other lesser metals aren’t mixed in platinum rings. However, expect that these rings are more pricey than gold.

The act of choosing the perfect ring for a special someone is a difficult task, not only because of the range of choices available, but also because of the emotional meaning behind it. Eternity Rings offers a number of high-quality designs and settings that can be picked out from to create the perfect engagement ring or wedding band. Check the website for a full catalogue.


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