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Washing Baby’s Shoes

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Washing baby’s shoes means additional security and care for your baby. When babies start to walk, they need protection for their feet against different physical substances that may harm them. The importance of wearing shoes for babies are taken into consideration by parents, especially mothers even before the baby is born.

Unfortunately, it’s the other way around when it comes to washing these little shoes on a regular basis. Even though baby’s shoes does not get the dirty as much as adult’s shoes, the fact that babies are more sensitive to harmful substances makes it a valid claim to wash and maintain shoes regularly.

Each baby shoes may differ from size, quality and instructions on how wash each of them. Maintaining both the physical appearance and quality of the shoes are greatly dependent on the methods and detergents used. Baby’s shoes do not attract dirt like the ones for adults, but it also needs proper care and regular cleaning. Washing baby’s shoes is not as difficult as it looks like. Sometimes choosing the right laundry detergent to use is even more difficult. Maintenance and regular washing task will be easier with the proper knowledge about the methods and detergents to be used.

First and foremost, it is very important that you take into account the kind of fabric where the shoes is made of. Special instructions on how to wash these kinds of shoes may be included in the package when you buy it or attach as a tag inside the shoes. Following these steps can help prolong and maintain the quality and physical appearance of the shoes.

Before washing the shoes, it is recommended to pre-soak it in warm or hot water for at least five or ten minutes without any detergent. Hot water is known to kill bacteria and viruses that may be present inside and outside the shoes. It can also soften the dirt and possible stuck stains which will make it easier to clean later.

Cleaning the outside part of the shoes can be done by using a soft cloth wiped with mild detergents. Strong laundry detergents may cause discoloration and fading of the shoes fabric. There are natural detergents which are derived from organic materials which are the safest yet effective way of washing the shoes. Chemical detergents have the possibility to leave residues when not rinse properly and cause skin irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin.

After wiping the shoes with the cloth, wash the cloth with running water to remove soap residues. Wipe the shoes again. Wash the shoes with running water afterwards. This can help remove the remaining soap substance that may be left in the shoe. Dry the shoes by putting it on a warm and high surface. Drying it under the sun is recommended but you have to make sure that it is not too exposed. You can also try to dry them on the top of the dryer but NOT inside the dryer.

Washing baby’s shoes regularly can give advantages both for you and your baby. It can help prevent your baby from getting infected by the harmful substances that may be present on the surface where he walks. It can also give you the assurance that your baby will enjoy every moment of his new milestone in life.

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