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What is an Eternity Ring

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Also known as dress wedding rings, diamond infinity rings or diamond bands, eternity rings are often the most popular gift choice for significant occasions in a couple’s relationship such as wedding anniversaries, thanksgivings and birthdays. Taking after its name, diamond infinity rings appear to be a circle of gemstones lined with diamonds to signify limitless and eternal love between two people in a committed relationship.

Compared with engagement rings, eternity rings have fewer design variations. But although the latter is simpler in style, couples can still choose the setting, shape, metal or other features that will suit their fondness.

While half rings only have stones along one portion of the ring, full rings, on the other hand, have a complete circle of gems. One of the best things about full bands is that the stones are always displayed even as the ring rotates on the finger. For this reason full bands are a typical favorite among women.

When it comes to shapes, round, princess and emerald cuts are the most preferred because they require stones to be nestled closely together. As for the design, alternating patterns can be found although in general, rings do not mix shapes or sizes so as to preserve the uniformity of the design.

Eternity rings generally have large stones. But because some consumers also take into account the affordability of the rings, many of them favor smaller stones. Aside from the cost, the number of stones also has a bearing in the weight and comfort of the bands. Considering the number of stones used in eternity bands, the total weight of the band may be greater than that of traditional engagement rings.

Aside from diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite and emeralds are also frequent choices. To make the ring more distinctive and significant, others even opt for birthstones and other symbolic gems, usually paired with diamonds in an alternating or repeated pattern.

Because eternity rings have very close-set stones, there is a limited setting choice for them. Bar settings place a bar of gold or platinum between each gem or create a pattern among the stones. Channel settings are popular because they are easy to manufacture and hold gems securely. Prong settings give the ring the appearance of being composed only of diamonds. Meanwhile, other elaborate styles may have curved-S settings, bezels, or even figural settings such as vines, leaves, and flowers.

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