Thursday, December 14

Keeping a Balance Between Work And Health

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It is always important for you to keep sometime in your daily schedule for your health.  The average work vs. life scenario nowadays has become so competitive that people have started to ignore their health while working overtime and stretching themselves and their body so far to try and reach the top. But please remember that pushing yourselves is not going to help you perform better or do you any good in the long run. An unhealthy body or unhealthy mind can never perform at its best. Chances are you will be able to find many other employees giving fewer endeavours in your organisation and performing better than you as well as harnessing better results. This phenomenon makes you envy them and cause yourself stress, it can also bring tension between you and your colleagues and also leave you wondering how they are able to manage it. Over all you will start to blame yourself for not being able to achieve the same things that they do in less time and can leave you feeling in a depressed state, thinking to yourself that you are not as capable as others. It’s a cycle. The catch here is that you need to give a little time in your schedule to get the best health and optimum performance for the rest of the day, this may include exercising, meditating, sleeping a little longer or even drinking green tea every now and again. Just think of it as investing in yourself, put away some time in the day, (even if it’s just a few minutes!) to gather yourself back together and replenish your health, this will help you get the best returns for the rest of the day and help you live a longer and healthier life.

Many diseases these days are just due to these two things:

  1. Stress in work due to tensions and overtime.

  2. Obesity and back pain due to sitting continuously for office work.

So always remember to leave some time to yourself every day and concentrate on your health and wellbeing.


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