Friday, December 15

Benefits And Brief History of Green Tea

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Green tea as its name suggest is green in colour. Originated in china, it is a quite useful remedy, for a number of elements. It has claimed and in many cases proved to have a miraculous effect on the human body. Scientists have proved green tea to have protective action against oesophageal cancer and reduce the incidence of it by about 60% in Chinese men and women. It also helps to reduce the cholesterol bad cholesterol levels and better the ration between the HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (Bad cholesterol). People also consider it as the stress buster drink which often calms down and soothes the body. Aside from that it is also known to help fight against some heart diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

So if you drink green tea in relative routine, it will act as a protective layer for you and helps prevent you from those diseases. Many believe that it’s the drinking of green tea in the tradition is the reason for less incidence of heart attack in china. Nowadays it has been accepted all over world and is perceived as an excellent health drink. You can find an American, British or Russian family physician recommending their patient to drink the green tea as its usefulness has been proved, understood and accepted everywhere. There are also many variations of green tea and several countries have slightly adapted it to their own standards, overall green tea is a highly recommended and healthy nourishment.


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