Friday, December 15

Massage Bamboo Therapy

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Massage bamboo therapy techniques used in the orient are based on techniques use for centuries, From the Orient we also get out knowledge base about bamboo sticks and oils, this massage has therapeutic effect on the body, which generally last for a few days after the treatment.
Its extraordinary utility has provided over 1,500 uses, valid in the past and with other possibilities for the future. One is the bamboo therapy , which consists of a “relaxation technique” Connoisseurs of this type of therapy will give many benefits including: reducing the physical processes of the human being, which would massage in the dimension of the sensory and the exotic, as it may be a natural medicine that, properly implemented in our body , can stimulate antibody production and strengthening of the vital components thereof, such as to improve the blood circulation . Furthermore, the technique of pressure and frictional sliding produces a fluid dynamics that encourage drainage and tissue regeneration. Important to combat cellulite and reshape the silhouette. These rods provide our body and mind to a state of deep relaxation to avert the tensions accumulated during the day. In the experience “stems are used in different diameters and lengths to calibrate the pressure of each and every crossroads vascular stress from the body.


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