Thursday, December 14

Online Lead Generation Tips – Part 1

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As a small business owner you are very good at what you do – thats why you decided to start your own business. However most small business owners are not marketers and there is a critical need to build that bridge in your business so you can run your business smoothly and effectively. 

The information below is very effective for online lead generation. 

When it comes to marketing the first step to create and design a marketing system. A “marketing system” sounds like a big word those internet marketing gurus like to use…but it actually works. 

In order to get started with the creation of a marketing system  – you should carefully follow the various successful people in your industry. What were they doing right? What kind of methods were they using to attract clients? How were they getting people to click on their links? 

When I first started off with my business I would  compare between the various people and little by a little I realized there was one thing in common to all of the successful people I was following:  They all attracted me to them by offering something for free.

This ‘freebie” was usually a free report with valuable information or in some cases a free video/seminar or an invitation to a webinar.

Once they pre-sold themselves to me and grabbed my trust, they were then able to get me to submit my email and join their list. 

What “freebie can you offer? Free consulting? Free E-book? Think about it.

Another issue was testimonials. These successful SMB’s were constantly promoting their testimonials.  The most powerful tool you have is third party recommendations.

 In order to get these testimonials quickly – do a few small free jobs for people. 

Once you get these testimonials  – create your first free report to download. There is an old saying in marketing: “give away all of your best and they’ll buy all of the rest” – don’t be afraid to share valuable information.

Now that you have your freebie and  testimonials ready its time to move forward. 

You must understand that submitting your email to someone else’s site may not mean much to you – but it sure means a lot to the person who got it. Why is that? Because now they got you through the door. What happens afterwards all depends on how they treat you:)

The next step is creating a good looking landing page. You can use free landing page programs or you can outsource the work to someone on Elance or any related site.

Why is a landing page important? Because on a landing page (or ‘squeeze page’) – its easier to grab your visitors information unlike a regular website where they just click around and bounce off.  The content on a landing page is very focused.

In part 2 – I’ll be sharing with you the relevant places where you can promote your landing page. 


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