Thursday, December 14

Exotic Asian Artificial Palm Trees Are Adorable Indoor Decorations

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Palm Trees have long delighted generations of people all over the world and continue to do so today. With more than 2600 species, palms are mostly found in subtropical, tropical and temperate climates. Among these species, those native to Asia are exotic beauties that can transform home and office interiors. Yet we all know it is not always possible to plant and nurture a Palm tree in your house. No problem, there is a better option — you can use artificial Palm trees. Below are a few elegant Asian artificial Palm Trees that are sure to catch your eye.

Cycas Palm Tree – Native to the southern part of Japan, Cycas Palm trees are very attractive plants for adorning your décor. They require sandy and well-drained soil for growth, which is not ideal for the central region of United States. Artificial  Cycas Palm trees  are more appropriate decorations for interior landscapes here, especially in Kansas and Nebraska. They look just as authentic as their real counterparts, yet with the added advantage of being absolutely maintenance free. With dense foliage comprised of numerous long green fronds and life-like trunks, silk palm trees exude freshness in any environment. Order yours online to add a splash of Asian Tropical flair in your home.

Robellini Palm Tree – The Robellini Palm is a date palm species mostly found in the south-eastern region of Asia, particularly southern China and Vietnam. It requires a warm and tropical climate for proper growth and is not found in colder states like Alaska and Montana. Along with proper temperature, it also requires regular watering and pruning to maintain a strong structure. Instead of dealing with these maintenance headaches, however, you can opt for an artificial Robellini Palm Tree for your interior. Just like a real tree, the silk Robellini Palm Tree looks authentic and displays the same grandiose stature. Designed from fine silk, its well-structured foliage is comprised of crispy, long, and thin leaves. Place this beautiful artificial tree in your home or office and enjoy the tropical Asian feel for years to come.

Fishtail Palm – The Fishtail Palm is known for the shape of its leaves, which closely resemble the tails of fish. Tropical and subtropical climates are favorable conditions for the growth of this tree indigenous to the Asian continent. The silk Fishtail Palm is a perfect replica of the real version and, one could argue, is even better when it comes to beauty and elegance. Artistically crafted from the finest silk material available, the artificial Fishtail Palm is a masterpiece for your landscape direct from the tropics.

Create tropical themes in your interiors with these stunning Asian artificial Palm Trees for an enchanting and enriching environment. So silk plants can help you impart an authentic aura to your offices.


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