Monday, December 18

Farmville. You Want to Make Money? Well so do i!

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okay so you want to make money on farmville? well so do i. if you can think of any ways to make alot of money yall need to him me up cuz i have no idea how to and i need to upgrade things on my account and i want to make more money but i cant find a single way to. i added the zinga toolbar and got 10 farm ville cash. but then it said if i wrote a 250 word thing on here i would get another 10 dollars possible. i dont know how this is going to work but ill jsut go along with it. it is so fucking hard to get money on farmville they just want you to waste your hard earned money and im not about to do that so im finding my ways around it. hopefully this will work yall wish me good luck man! and alsoooooooo i have to add a few more word because it said i didnt have 200 wwhich is crazy i thought i did but oh well im just going to ramble on a little more about this. so thank you if you have actually taken the time to read all of this. sorry to waste a good minute of your time haha. i wouldn’t read this myself,. but oh well thank you for your support!


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