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How to Back up And Restore an Ipad

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Apple’s iPad has rocked the world with its killing features becoming one of the most-wanted tablet computers nowadays. Measuring millions of users already, Apple has upgraded iTunes with thousands of apps and games to satisfy them all. And you most probably have tried most of them. But what happens when you need to backup your iPad or simply wish to restore it in order to fix performance problems or even sell it? Apple gives you the option to back up your personal data and restore your iPad through iTunes anytime.

In particular:

1. Back up Data

– Before start backing up your data, you have to ensure that you have the latest iTunes version (10.1.2) installed to your computer. If not, download it by clicking here.

– Connect the iPad to your pc making sure you use a high-speed port of your pc. Wait for a few seconds until your computer detects your device.

– Launch iTunes and locate your iPad from the ‘Devices’ list on the left.

– Right click on your iPad and choose ‘Back Up’ from the menu. Wait until iTunes finishes backing up your data. That’s it! Do not disconnect the device or shut-off your pc before the process is over. This may seriously damage your iPad or even cause massive data loss.

– Make sure the backup was successfully completed by clicking on ‘Preferences’ in iTunes and then on ‘Devices’. A new tab will be created with your iPad name containing your latest backup files.

2. Restore the iPad

Restoring your iPad will come extremely handy to you if apps fail to launch, games are running slow, photos are not displayed properly and generally, if your device faces performance problems. Usually, these problems disappear after restoring the iPad to its factory settings. Keep in mind that this process will totally delete all of your files, songs, photos, apps, games, movies, e-books, videos or any other data saved. So, double-check that your backup was indeed completed.

– To restore your iPad you need to have the latest iTunes version. If not, acquire it from here.

– Connect the iPad to your pc using the connector cable. Choose a high-speed port because otherwise, your computer may fail to detect the device.

– Once your pc detects the iPad, launch iTunes and right-click on your iPad under the ‘Device’ list.

– On the options list click on ‘Restore’. A confirmation window will pop-up asking you whether you wish to restore the iPad to its factory settings or not. Click on ‘Restore’.

– Wait until iTunes finishes restoring your device. When the process is completed, your iPad will restart informing you that it has been successfully restored.

Important Tips:

-If you wish to restore the iPad from a previous back-up, then click on the ‘Restore from Backup’ option on the list.

– Make sure you have saved all the data you want before restoring your device.

– If you wish to protect your backup using a password, then mark the ‘Encrypt iPad Backup’ option on ‘Summary’.

– If you have various backups saved on iTunes and wish to delete some of them or even all, then connect your iPad, click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Preferences’. Click on ‘Devices’ and delete the backup files you want.


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