Thursday, December 14

What is The Real Purpose of Facebook?

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I really shouldn’t be on Facebook.  My profile is set to private, not because of what I am not doing on there but because it isn’t any of your business who my friends and loved ones are. If my profile is set to private, and your profile is open and you’re my friend on Facebook can people see me?  I think there is a setting on Facebook to prevent anyone from seeing who your friends are.  I heard that it is no longer possible to delete your profile from Facebook; I removed my profile before, but I don’t see any sense in removing it again.

To be totally honest Facebook should delete a profile that has been inactive.  The last that I remember if you didn’t log in for a while your profile was.  If you want to find me, I’ll be on Twitter.  But I am ambiguous there too; I don’t use my real name on the service and there is no reference to the site on Google.  If you look up my name you will find someone else who just happens to have my name.

I have been playing around with the idea of working with Tumblr, as it appears to be the newest kid on the block.  To hear them tell this is the easiest way to blog.  The blogs on the site have a lot of pictures, in fact, the biggest differentiation between them and other blogs seem to be the use of pictures, in particular what appears to be twenty-first century animated gifs (though curiously, with the quality of jpegs).  They also have a section called notes.  If you click on the notes icon, you can see who reblogged each others pictures.

The whole thing is very abstract and reminds me of those strange multimedia exhibits at the museum.  I could be wrong, but reblogging may be the real appeal of Tumblr.  On Blogger, I have no way of knowing if someone passed along my work.  Even though I give tools for people to repost onto social networking sites I seriously doubt of many use those tools.  Tumblr seems like a strange mashup between Twitter and WordPress.  I don’t know how these new services make any money.  But I am going to import this blog to Posterous.


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