Monday, December 11

Why Would You Protest in America Like They do in Egypt?

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These protests and riots over in Egypt fascinate me.  I heard they will not leave until Mubarak steps down.  That is never going to happen in America.  We say that we’re mad as hell, but we’re not angry much.  You could say that our Presidents are not in power for 30 years, but I say that it doesn’t matter.  We’re supposed to vote, and supposedly things change every 4 years, but the more they “change” the more they stay the same.  I haven’t seen anything change since I was a kid and Reagan was in office.

I wanted to believe in change, but I should have known better.  Apologists tell me that it would take eight years just to get on the right path for undoing the damage that has been done.  That sounds like a “non answer” to me, sounds like something for a perfect world and a perfect storm.  If Barack Obama can’t get it right, then we need to continue to elect people in office that can pick up on what the last person did and continue the work until the job gets done.  But that sort of wishful thinking does not work in America.

What happens is this; people vote until they get what they want, and people do not want as much as they would like for you to think they are asking for.  People don’t want much.  You give people a job, give them enough money to buy the trinkets they can purchase with their discretionary income, give their kids money to go to college and they’re done.  No one wanted the healthcare bill to go through, in part because it was done in secret and no one had a chance to read through it, but also in part because few really needed for changes to be made.

As long as a small minority is suffering and the majority are getting by the majority is never going to vote for anything that the small minority needs.  That is the type of issue that healthcare represents; chances are if your employer offers healthcare and you’re making $15 an hour it isn’t that big of a deal.  So they take a hundred, maybe two hundred, out of your check you can live with it.  The person who needs the bill is the poor guy making $8 an hour that has to pay a few hundred for health care, a position I was in at one time (and I went without healthcare during that time).  Yet I was not representative of the majority of this country, so who cares about what I want.

In this country those in power have learned from recent history and are sophisticated enough that most Americans are pacified and kept quiet; the few individuals that are really getting the short end of the stick will go unnoticed.  If you’re middle class you can move to a nice neighborhood and you do not have to deal with any of the problems the poor do.  You don’t have to see them, you don’t have to deal with them.  Times are supposed to be so hard, but I still see people riding around in Smart cars, and brand new sport utility vehicles.  People are still driving around in Hummers getting 13 miles per gallon, I still see a Jaguar every now and again.  I live in the ghetto and someone in the complex has an old Land Rover.  Nobody cares, it isn’t as though anyone in that situation is going to put their life on the line and put themselves in danger to protest on behalf of someone else.  Times are supposed to be rough because people aren’t wearing designer clothes anymore, but that never should have been the new normal to begin with.  If anything people are wise to the con game apologists of haute couture were running on them in the first place.

Too many diversions in this country and too many things to preoccupy our time.  People playing games on social networks seeing how many followers they have, marketers selling their brand to each other; how fast is your Internet connection, how many apps can you download on your phone is it 3g or 4g?  Do you buy a tablet or another PC?  Do you buy a Mac OS X or a Windows powered system?  Do I find the largest church out there, in that I may be entertained or do I want to put in hard work at a small church the size of a classroom?

Never ending wars and we are slowly being ushered into a new order in which the new normal is being at war, being lied to, being enslaved, being in debt, not having any savings, hating each other, living hand to mouth, being dumb, being retarded, seeking pleasure where it cannot be found, taking pills to go to sleep, having anxiety, eating garbage full of toxins and poisons, feeling as though something is wrong with you if you cannot find the hedonistic pleasure you seek, the list goes on.  I can sit up here and get angry, righteous, try to get you stirred up and moved for change and then I’ll get back on Twitter and check out the top ten.  That is the way that it is, and it is a sad, miserable existence.  Back in the eighties and nineties there were a lot of problems, but there was some pride in being an American.  We had racism and were still suffering for being Black if we were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but there was some pride in being an African-American.  Blacks that hated other Blacks kept their mouths shut and went with the program; now they emerge as though they had to suffer in silence like it is their sexual orientation or something.  Perhaps that wasn’t a good thing.  It just seemed as though you could believe what was in front of your face and knew who people really were and knew what you could count on, now everything seems like it is a lie I am struggling trying to believe in a God I can’t see and I do not see any true representation of him on this Earth.  No one wants to be a holy roller; well at least you knew who the holy rollers were at least they were dependable, they didn’t change, they told you what it was and weren’t politically correct.  Everyone has sinned, everyone has an attitude, everyone falls short right in front of my face.  So if someone wants to take a boulder and throw it at someone and someone wants to protest or stand up for what they believe in at least I can look at them and see something that seems real that is tangible, that is authentic, that someone is passionate about something.  Instead we have movies about celebrities that are hand made and tailored like cloth that is ran through a sewing machine; the movies may be more authentic than the celebrities in question.  Does anyone honestly care how Justin Bieber made it to the top?  Do you really want to see Beyonce in another movie?  Do you really care that Lady GaGa poses for a record cover?  Is anything going on that you really care about, or do we feign interest because this is all that has been given to us, the only thing that we are presented with, and our minds need to do something because we digress …


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