Wednesday, December 13

The Difference Between Love And Hate

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They say that there is a thin line between love and hate.  I think it is a matter of how that line is crossed.  I found hate to be a very permissible emotion; in other words, I push you away and that gives you permission to attack me.  It emboldens you and encourages you to take action against me.  It also releases you and allows you to do a lot of other things I may not necessarily care for with other people.  It gives you a license to be evil.

Love, on the other hand, brings people in.  I watch over you, protect you, I look out for your best interests.  You are encouraged to do the same.  The problem that people have is that we forget that love is an action.  We are caught up in the emotion of love.  We easily forget that hate is an action that we have taken as well.  We may get emotional when we think about the fact that we hate someone, but it is not an emotion that we are always in touch with.  It is an action that we continue to take out against people, because we are programmed and conditioned to do so.

The world wants us to hate people.  This is the way that the world controls us.  It  knows that we are going to hate people and in doing so it gives everyone else a free license to take action against us.  If we loved people we would be in control of our own destiny, and we would be aware of the actions that we took and we would look out for each other.  The world will have you hate your own people and your own kind, which in turn gives them a license to take action against you.  So I can hate Black people, and that means that they can make my life a living hell.  I can hate Black women, and they can curse the ground that I walk on.

But if I love those of my own race they do not have any control over me.  If they don’t act right, or the way in which I would think that they should, or what makes sense to me, or what I would prefer that they do, I still love them.  In time they may get to understand where I am coming from, and even if they respectfully disagree with my position, they’ll leave me alone and take action against someone else.  I would rather be in control, so I choose love.

This is really all that we are talking about as Christians.  We love the world because we have to live in the world, and even though it does not love us, we can’t afford to give the world permission to take action against us.  We know that at the end of the day God is the one that is in control.  If we believe in what he says, we are blessed for taking that action to love someone else and cursed for hating someone else.

In Genesis 4:1 Adam made love to Eve.  He didn’t take action against her, as we are conditioned to do.  He didn’t get his and she got hers, or he didn’t care if she got hers because he got his, he made love to her.  He says that he brought forth a man with the help of the Lord.  This contrasts greatly with the idea that bringing forth a man is a curse.  The man continues to stay with the woman, and raises the child, because it is a blessing from the Lord and he recognizes that he was able to bring forth a child with the Lord’s help.  He also recognizes that the woman has fulfilled her purpose biologically, as a woman.  He doesn’t curse the woman for doing what she was created to do.

In Genesis 4:25, Cain had killed Abel, but God blessed Adam again with another child.  Adam could have cursed Cain, as many parents do that kill another child or are somehow indirectly responsible for the death of that child, but Adam didn’t.  Despite the curse that came about because sin had separated Adam from God in the past, he remained faithful.  He could have held that against Eve, but he didn’t, and she gave him a son and they still multiplied the Earth.

In Genesis 29:20 Jacob had chased Rachel for seven years, but it only seemed like a few days because of his love for her.  This is the type of love that we no longer have, therefore we are captive to our own emotions.  When something feels like a few days, that means that he enjoyed going after Rachel, he found pleasure in it. There is pleasure in relationships outside of the act that consummates our relationships.  There is pleasure to be found in the journey, but if you do not have any love for that other person, love that you can only find by having love for God, you will never experience that pleasure.  I would rather have pleasure for seven years, than to experience it for two minutes.  No one is saying that the physical act is an act of hate or indifference, in fact it is often anything but that.  Most people genuinely think that they are either in love with someone, or have a deep connection or soul tie with that other individual.  But one has to understand the consequences of taking actions that have nothing to do with love to express love.  Real love is creative and finds a deeper way to express itself, love that is the result of a deep feeling or emotion that you have for someone will express itself somehow.  You may choose to express yourself in that way, and that is your own business between yourself and God, but that does not mean that it is the only way in which your can communicate that desire for someone else.  We do not practice expressing our love, and over time, we lose the ability to express our feelings through any other means.  This is the real reason why men and women cannot be friends.  Friends love each other, but they other ways of expressing that love.  You should love your friends and should be open to the idea of experiencing that emotion within your friendships; friendship does not have to be absolute, everything  up to love, it doesn’t have to work that way.

I could go with other scriptures but by now I think that you get my point.  Love and hate are two distinct choices that are made but the choice that we make affects the way that the world responds to us.  Make the right choice …


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