Saturday, December 16

Spongebob on Facebook; Whoever Said That Television And The Internet Don't Mix?

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SpongeBob has a page on Facebook, and over 16 million people like it.  But it isn’t just SpongeBob that they like; “SpongeBob SquarePants: Legends of Bikini Bottom: Trenchbillies” can be watched exclusively on Facebook.  Or if you prefer, YouTube.  There are two things that are great about this collaboration.  One is that this is a great move by Facebook into Internet video; Facebook’s video application is robust, but few know about it or truly use the network for video to the extent that they YouTube.  Few know that Google has also implemented social networking features into YouTube, such as the ability to send messages directly to content producers, request friendships, and the ability to follow those that upload videos through subscriptions.  Responses that are left in comments you leave on other people’s videos show up in your inbox.

This is also a great way for SpongeBob to reach the few individuals that do not already watch the program.  I clicked on the “like” button for the SpongeBob page and again for the actual episode, but I would like to share the video.  There is functionality missing from Facebook with respect to sharing video that is critical if they ever want video to take off on the social networking.  You can see that I like the video, but I can’t embed the video onto my own page.  To be fair, Twitter has just gotten around to embedding videos into the timeline, and you need to use the “New Twitter” in order to take advantage of that feature.  Their feature does not always work, as people often link videos from sites that you still have to visit in order to watch the content, which takes you off of the page, which takes you away from Twitter.  Then again only Facebook allows you to choose a badge for your page; I like Spooktastic, and it isn’t even Halloween!


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