Best Morning Rituals

Let’s face it, some of us can’t make it to the gym for various reasons. Whether we’re too lazy, not motivated enough, or just can’t afford those monthly membership fees, it doesn’t mean we can’t get out of our chairs and into a better body.

The key to any fitness program is a lifestyle change. If what you’re doing now doesn’t work, then obviously, you need to do something different. Now your body is designed to find it’s own level of efficiency, based on your behavior, so to change that body, you need to adjust your behavior.

From the moment you wake up:

  1. Perform a quick aerobic stretching exercies of your choice. I recommend a single martial arts form, your favorite yoga poses, or even some simple stretches.
  2. Try to do as many push-ups as you can. I would recommend following the hundred push ups project (
  3. A series of crunches or abdominal exercises.

In the evening, when you get home from work, or a few hours before bed, you should try to run around your block a few times, to burn some energy. Remember, keep active!

Throughout the day, try to do more physical activity than normal.

  • Take stairs rather than elevators.
  • If you live in an urban area like NYC, Get on/Get off your train one stop early, and walk a bit further.
  • Take two steps at a time when climbing stairs.
  • Stretch in your seat, or do in-chair yoga.
  • Leave your office for lunch, and find some place that’s not too close to your office/job.
  • Go dancing instead of bar hopping: keeps you on your feet and moving

Remember, 30 minutes a day of activity will maintain your current fitness level. Do more and you start burning more.

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