Sunday, December 17

Return of The Thundercats

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You heard right, the ThunderCats is coming back on the air, courtesy of the Cartoon Network.  While Anime fans are already familiar with the ThunderCats, for the rest of us it was a cartoon that aired in the United States in the mid 80s.  To be honest the show was a bit ridiculous, but it was the eighties and everyone watched it.  It was handled by a few different studios as hands seemed to change each season, first Telepictures, then Lorimar-Telepictures, which was the result of Telepictures and Lorimar merging together, and then Warner Brothers Television Distribution, which is what becamse of Lorimar-Telepictures.

It was shown on Independent Television, or UHF, back in the day with the rest of the cool and interesting cartoons.  In the eighties there seemed to be a split in animation; you were either a fan of Anime, which had a more sophisticated look and feel to it, and better production values, or American animation, such as Looney Toons.  As a nerd myself I preferred Anime to cartoons like Tom and Jerry.

The new series is being handled by Studio 4°C, a Japanese studio that has worked on animated projects such as Batman: Gotham Knighta film based on the movie, andTransformers Animated a television series based on the original toy line.  Halo Legends was a collection of short films done by the studio based off of the video game. ThunderCats should be an interesting addition to Cartoon Network’s lineup, which still includes The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, a syndicated cartoon which ran between 2001 and 2007.

The Cartoon Network, though it has been known as a repository for old cartoons, has produced a lot of new cartoons as well.  So far their original series has not been known to air as long as the cartoons they have purchased.  All of the cartoons that had premiered last year are still in production.  The buzz of the ThunderCats could bring an older audience back to the network, and help to differentiate the network from Nicktoons.


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