Sunday, December 17

Email is Relevant And I Prefer it to Social Networks And Text Messaging!

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I still use email.  Let me put it to you this way; when I want to get in touch with someone I actually want to speak to, I don’t use instant messaging.  I may do an SMS or MMS for those who will actually respond to it, but email is free.  I still have a computer, still pay for Internet access and will still take advantage of a free Internet connection when I see one, so I am going to use email when possible. 

I use email for storage.  There is no storage for text messages because they are all stored on your phone.  Eventually you have to remove those text messages to make way for new ones.  Email actually stores more than 140 characters, and has a productive use for it.  I do not bother with using Twitter for messaging, though I will use it from an actual computer.  As antiquated as the service is, email still has plenty of uses for me.

It is a social network that I do not have to sign up for it interface with.  It is direct communication.  People talk about spam, well social networks are spam.  Most of it is a waste of time.  No one even bothers to talk with me on Facebook.  Forget what you heard about email, it still has plenty of life in it!


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