Saturday, December 16

The Story Of, How The Differential Operator Was Taken Down

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In the land of Calculustan, the evil king Differential Operator ruled over the lowly peasants, the functions, with brute force and threat… He sang:”Fo fee foo fum… I will differentiate all ye bums…x I will make you disappear, sin x, I will make a cos x”, and so on…

I mean who wants to be a cos x when they can be a sin x right? On a side-note, I think it is perfectly okay to be a cos x, I have a lot of friends who are cos x’s. I think cos x’s need to have all the rights and privileges sin x’s have.

But anyway to continue the story, his anarchy continued until a prophet Log x declared that the first child of Constant, one of the lowest forms of life in the land, will be a saviour for the functions, he will grow stronger and bigger in a small period of time that his growth will one day be named after him, the evil king will be powerless against him… Constant shuddered at the thought of evil king Differential hearing about this. But sure enough, Differential Operator heard this from the prophet’s son, whose name was Tranformation Matrix, noone knows for sure if he is an operator or a function… He rushed to the small house of Constant to reduce the new born into nothingness…

It was a quiet Sunday evening. The functions were relaxing in the infinite meadows of vector fields. As Differential floated through the fields searching for Constant’s domain, he smirked at the ease with which he can differentiate them into oblivion. He also thought about what is for dinner later that night, but it was a quick thought and largely inconsequential.

As the king laid his foot on the house, the baby was born… As Differential Operator got ready to stand to the left of baby and deploy himself, the father Constant shouted out: “I name my son Exponential Of x”… The rest as they say is history..



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