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You Don’t Have To Be A Talented Or Experienced Writer To Make Money Writing Online

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You don’t have to be a talented writer to make money writing online. I began writing online in March 2010; at first my intentions were not to make money. I began writing online because I was having anxiety attacks and writing helped me deal with my anxiety. Writing took my mind off my anxiety. I began to read articles about sites that would pay you to write. I checked out sites like Associated Content, Helium, Bukisa, E-how and Break Studios. I wrote on all these sites hoping to learn more about writing and make a little money during my ride.

Other writing sites would not accept me as one of their writers because of my lack of experience and talent. I admit, I got grumpy at places like Demand Studios, but they were right, I lacked both experience and talent. This was all on the job training for me and places like Demand Studios did not want to pay the bill for my education.

If you have a Journalism degree and/or experience, most online writing sites will accept you because you already know how to write. However, if you are a beginner, you will have to choose the sites where you can tone your writing while writing. This is what I call real on the job training. I didn’t even know how to put together an article when I started writing online. I had to ask a journalism friend how to actually write the article.  Associated Content seems to be the best writing site to begin your online writing career. This is why. On Associated Content, you can write about nearly anything, you can get your writing online and you meet other writers who will encourage you. I have learned most of what I know about writing from other writers on the site. The tips you receive from the other writers are invaluable to the beginning writer.

This is what I did to improve my writing as I wrote online and tried to make money writing online. I found I made too many mistakes when I began writing, so I began using MS Word to help me correct mistakes. MS Word is not perfect, but it will help you fix common mistakes in your writing. I also spent time finding out what my talents were and where I had to work harder when it came to writing. I hooked up with Break Studios for a six month stint where I wrote 270 articles at $8 each. They didn’t realize I had no writing experience or talent. I found out I had a talent to research and put How To articles together. I also learned my writing talent was limited to poetry and song writing. I still needed to work on my article writing.

Recently, I learned valuable tips about online writing. I do not know anything about SEO. To me SEO is some invisible source some of the most experienced online writers have and keep to themselves. I did however learn tips that can be useful most inexperienced and untalented writer who want to make money writing online. Here are some of the tips that may be useful to you as you begin your career writing online.

Use MS Word to help you correct your mistakes

Enjoy the encouragement you will receive on sites like Associated Content, it will counteract some of the unhelpful comments egotistical writers can sometimes leave you. For example, I had a writer on Helium tell me I was the worst writer she had ever read and I should never write another article, an hour later, the article she complained about was put on the front page of Helium.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a ton of hits you dream of when you write-I learned it is important to try to write articles that have the possibility of getting hits every day. For example-I wrote an article about Earning Delta Skymiles last year. Associated Content would not give me upfront payment because my article was too common. They were both correct and incorrect. The first day I received 20 hits on the article. However, this article is now my best article I wrote for Associated Content as far as page views. In eight months, the article rose to number 7 on Google and gets 10-30 hits every day. It has almost reached 3000 hits.

Write some articles that you know will get good hits right away

Write some articles that you believe have the ability to get hits each and every day

Write in categories you have some knowledge

Write the Best Titles you can come up with

Learn as much as you can from your writing friends

This is what you will find out with my method:

I have received 1/3 of my total hits on Associated Content in the past two months-I have written on Associated Content for Eleven months

I received the most hits I have ever had on Associated Content this month with nearly 24000 hits and at the same time I have more articles this month with less than one hundred hits. I expect more hits from these articles in the coming months and years. About half of these same articles were put on Bukisa and received nearly 10,000 hits and made $14.40 on Google Ad Sense.

Your older articles will eventually out hit your newer articles-If I knew this I would have written for longevity from the beginning.

As a beginning writer you will have more failures than successes, this is good because you want to learn everything you can when you are on the job training.

You may not receive awards from writing online, but you will make money. I have made nearly $3000 in eleven months writing online.

Goals you should have as an untalented writer with little or no experience.

Improve your writing

Make sure you keep your writing Non-Exclusive-A friend on Associated Content taught me this lesson. When you keep your articles display only, you can actually change things in your articles which can be important when you make mistakes.

Get your name out there in Cyberspace

Use your articles on more than one site. Each site gets different amounts of hits on all the major writing sites. Each site pays, although they all also pay differently

My ultimate goal is to get one million hits on four different sites. This will give me some clout and some of the other better paying sites will eventually hire me and I will make more money. The goal for 2011 is at least 200,000 hits.

So here you have it, you don’t have to have to be a talented or experienced writer to make money writing online. You need to improve your writing skills and learn everything you can from some of the more experienced online writers. If you follow these steps, you can/will make money writing online. The most important things you need are the ability to learn, the desire to succeed and guts not to give up. Happy writing! 


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