Thursday, December 14

When Politics Get Violent; Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Tucson, Arizona, While 13 Are Wounded …

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Well we knew that it was going to come down to this didn’t we. A Democrat that was known for speaking her mind was shot outside of a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona.  She was the first Jewish representative in the state of Arizona.  When McCain delivered his speech upon loosing to Barack Obama, you could feel the tension in the air as it felt as though had Obama been there to witness it, they would have killed him on the spot. 

There had been violence before; her front door was vandalized because she had voted to approve Obama’s health care bill last year.  She has been known to criticize the immigration bill that was passed in Arizona last year.  Some have already speculated that Giffords has passed, but she was severely wounded.  Five have been killed, and thirteen wounded.

The message is clear to Democrats that continue to support Obama’s controversial policies and the writing is on the wall.  Do not be intimidated and continue to show your support.  These are bloody times; now we have heard that the Republican party and their pundits, Glenn Beck, have called for people to take matters into their own hands before.  It wasn’t that long ago a man flew a commuter plane into an IRS building.  But is this really a matter of cut and dry Republican/Democratic politics?  Many of the loudest voices just happen to be Republicans, but there are various factions that are the “third party” that people want to have.  Pundits say that Republicans are hi-jacking the Tea Party movement, among other things.

I hope that Gabrielle Giffords keeps up the good fight.  McCain says that he is shocked and saddened by the shootings.  Obama has had a bit more to say about the incident.  It will be interesting to see what happens as we learn more about this horrific tragedy. 


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