Monday, December 18

Ted Williams Deserves a Break, as Does Everyone Else But at Least Someone is Blessed

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I am happy for Ted Williams, and you should be too. For those who do not know who Ted Williams is, he is a homeless man that found work after a reporter at the Columbus Dispatch put out a video of him on YouTube showcasing his radio voice. The man has a natural talent and a God given gift, but as most with natural talent often do, he squandered it and wasted his life on drugs and took things for granted, but the man is now working again.

What I don’t understand is the audacity and the nerve of some of the haters out there. The man was homeless and he found a job. He worked for his job clearly he had a sign that told people that he had a “Golden Voice”, so a reporter took him up on it and gained the man a lot of exposure. The reporter didn’t even want to release the video and sat on it for a few weeks before putting it out there, and only did so because it was a slow news day.

The man could have just asked for food like everyone else does. But we are told not to hide our talents, regardless of the circumstances. Ted Williams could have said “well I’m homeless, I’m down on my luck, I’m happy for whatever comes my way”, but instead he said that he had a talent and decided to let people know about it. Might not have mattered at the end of the day, but he still let you know that he had that talent.

Instead of being cynical and talking about how everyone who is down on their luck should be given a job we often miss the point of the fact that in his own way, Ted Williams continued to advertise his skills. You have a lot of people who aren’t homeless that have stopped looking for work and dropped out of the system. Not everyone is going to be given the chance that Ted Williams was, but everyone can still put their best foot forward.

Often I have suggested that people would be better off starting up their own businesses and finding their own hustle than look for a job. Ted Williams was not actively looking for work, as he could not, but he did let you know that he was capable of working if you needed him to. The point is that he didn’t give up, as many people often do. I would love to see everyone that is homeless and out of work get a job, but we know that this is not the society that we live in. Someone else has money exactly because of the reason that someone else does not and someone else is homeless, in spite of it. It is a world of haves and “have nots”. But that does not preclude that no one should be blessed because everyone cannot be blessed by man. This is not something that man even wanted to do, but something that God had put in him to do. That is how it works, and for all that we know, Ted Williams was faithful.

The thing about it is that you can be faithful and come into that blessing and people are going to hate you too. It should not have happened to you and it should have happened to someone else. There is always going to be someone else that is more deserving. There is always going to be someone else that was at the beginning of the line that was skipped over, and you are at the end of the line and people are going to cry foul. But you should remain gracious and stand tall and forget about what everyone else is saying. The same people that hate Ted Williams, would not stop to give him a dollar or a bite to eat. The same haters would never have given him a job, so it doesn’t matter.

Hopefully Ted Williams stays off of drugs, hopefully he cleans up his act. In another month we will have forgotten all about him. But in the interim there is something to be learned from what happened to him, if you believe. If not you can say it was a random act of kindness that could have easily happened to someone else. It probably has happened to someone else, but you will never hear about it. People do not want to hear about anything good these days because everyone is conditioned to look for the negative. Everyone simply assumes that the world is a lousy place and believes the worst in people, myself included. But it is nice to see that something good happened to someone that was willing to be heard. In this case being heard was what made all the difference …


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