Thursday, December 14

Sending a Multimedia Message (Picture Message, Mms) to Your Email From Your Cell Phone

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In the last tutorial I showed you how to send a picture message to yourself through Snapfish using the LG CF360.  This time around we’ll shake things up a bit.  The Snapfish service charges for high resolution photos, and we want to utilize a cheap and dirty method to quickly dump the photos off of the phone.  So I set up a contact in the phone using an email address instead of a regular phone number.  Some phones do not allow the entry of an underscore ” _ ” so in my case I had to create a different email address without any special characters.

The way the CF360 handles it, every single method is a separate contact, so even though you can have a home, cell, and email address listed for an individual it actually takes up three memory slots.  You send the picture the same as you do in my other tutorial; what happens is that you get an email with your phone number as the sender and no subject.  On AT and T, it will be your phone number at, so, for example.  You can then view the image, or right click on it and download, or whatever you choose.  It will be in the native resolution.


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