Monday, December 18

Steps to Set Up a Database File Connection

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To set tip a connection to a Database File data source from the Data Explorer you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. In the Data Explorer click the plus sign next to Database Files. This opens the folder and shows Find Database File. If you had already connected to a Database File data source during this session of SCR, it would be listed here and you would not need to go find it again.

2. With Find Database File selected, cither double-click or click Add. This starts the Open dialog box, where you can locate and select the database file you want to use for this report.

3. Click open to add the database file to the Data Explorer. The name of the database appears as a folder, which contains the names of all the tables in that database.

4. Select the tables you want; o use for the report by selecting the table name and double-clicking or clicking Add. A check mark shows up next to the table names selected for the report.

5. Once you have selected all the tables you need for your report, click Choose. This closes the Data Explorer and opens the Visual Linking Expert,

The Windows functions Ctrl+click and Shlft+cllck allow you to select more than one table at a time from the list in the Data Explorer. Click file to add them at) to your report.

With Smart Linking on, SCR automatically links your tables together in the Visual Linking Expert. But before getting into an explanation of link­ing tables, I first want to talk about options in the ODBC DSN list. Then I’ll return to a discussion do linking tables, which is basically the same for all database connections.


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